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When we think of a tiny house, we imagine a small wooden house, comfortable, bright and nestled in the heart of a green place. With the significant increase in teleworking, tiny houses are becoming more and more ancillary buildings to a main residence. They become an office, a meeting room or a relaxation room.

An Italian architect, Leonardo Di Chiara, designed the aVOID Tinyhouse, a special concept that apparently lacks any functionality! However, this largely optimized space offers many storage options that one would not expect.

When you discover the tiny AVOID, it appears to be a space devoid of any content, in reality it is a 9m2 space that has all the features you would expect from a tiny house … but they are perfect hidden!

Who is Leonardo Di Chiara?

Leonardo Di Chiara is a 29-year-old Italian architect and engineer who is fascinated by micro-life and ephemeral architecture. He designs tiny homes, mobile devices, community buildings, product homes, and more. He currently lives and experiences life in a small nine m² house called “aVOID”, which he designed himself in 2018.

As a child, Leonardo lived in a modest apartment, which allowed him to optimize the space of his small bedroom. He grew up with a minimalist lifestyle that certainly influences his design today. So he started from this idea of ​​a 9 m² room in order to design his project “aVOID” in 2018 after meeting Van Bo Le-Mentzel, a student in Boston like him.

A tour of Europe in a tiny house. Photo credit: Leonardo Di Chiara

The inside of the tiny house

“AVOID” means “avoid” and this word inspires the interior of the house, which is inspired by the balance of emptiness! When you step in, ask yourself what this empty space is for! In fact, everything is hidden in a sophisticated system of movable wall panels that make it possible to give this space various functions.

Lots of and ingenious storage. Photo credit: Leonardo Di Chiara

The empty space serves as space for Leonardo’s meditation, stimulated by the chosen materials. By opening one of the panels it is possible to have a table, chairs, bed, kitchen or even a ladder! A folding bed comes out of the wall … Two gray doors hide a minimalist but functional kitchen!

And for that afternoon sunbathing, it’s on the roof that happens! The windows have been designed to naturally create rooftop seating for relaxation.

Solar panels to power it. Photo credit: Leonardo Di Chiara

The technical characteristics of the Tiny

Living area: 9 m² Roof area: 4 m² External dimensions: 671 cm x 253 cm x 400 cm Internal dimensions: 481 cm x 198 cm x 315 cm Weight: 3000 kg Top speed: 80 km / h Trailer: aluminum with two axles Structure: wood / aluminum insulation : Wood fiber / XPS (10 cm) Outer coating: stainless steel / aluminum / wood Furniture: Okumè plywood, organic coating from ICA Systems: electrical (220 V) with photovoltaics (1 kW), water, mechanical ventilation, electrical heating, gas, diesel. Devices: gas / induction cooker, extractor hood, LED lighting, refrigerator, loudspeakers, Webasto diesel heating, electric pump

Do you see? It really has everything that makes a big house … Or almost!

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