Italian bodybuilder killed parents: Italian bodybuilder killed parents because they asked him to walk the family dog

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In Italy, a bodybuilder strangled his parents to death. The father told the sleeping son to put out the dog. The mother’s body recovered from Thandi, the father found no clues.
In Italy, a bodybuilder son murdered his parents for asking the dog to walk outside. The incident reportedly took place in the city of Bolzano, in the province of South Tyrol, Italy. Police recovered the body of the deceased mother from the nearby Adeje River, while Father Peter Newmire was left without a trace. Police arrested the accused son after finding a hand mark on the deceased’s neck.

The parents had been missing for a month
The bodybuilder’s parents have been missing since the start of this year. After that, the son also filed a complaint with the police. Several police teams were looking for Professor Peter Neumayer and his wife Laura Perselli. After which he got the corpse of this bodybuilder’s mother. Police also found traces of blood on a nearby river bridge.

Police found traces of his son’s hand on his mother’s corpse
Police arrested 30-year-old bodybuilder Beno Newmire on January 29 after finding a hand mark on the deceased’s neck. Faced with prolonged interrogations and rigging by the police, Beno Neumayer confessed to his crime by kneeling. The accused told police that he killed his father during the scuffle and strangled him to death when the mother came to the rescue.

The son was irritated by the dog’s walk
The accused son said the quarrel started with getting up in the morning and walking the dog. Father Peter Newmayer asks his son Beno to get out of bed and walk the family dog. When the son refused to obey the order, an argument ensued between the two. The father accused his son of being worthless, after which a fight ensued between the two.

To calm down, the father was strangled to death
The son of bodybuilder Beno Neumayer said in his explanation that he just wanted to calm the father down. Therefore, he went to his room to escape the reprimand of the father. After which, the father also entered his room back and forth. The son claimed he wanted to sleep, but his father constantly harassed him. They complained about not participating in household chores. After which he strangled and murdered his father.

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