Italian woman coronavirus vaccine: Italian woman bottle full of Corona virus vaccine: Italian woman receives bottle full of coronavirus vaccine

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Italian woman accidentally received 6 doses of Corona vaccine due to a health worker error looking at the empty syringe injected into a full vial instead of a single dose, admitted for 24 hours, there has no health effect, but will continue
In Italy, a woman received 6 doses of Pfizer vaccine against the Corona virus. The woman did not deteriorate after applying a vaccine vial instead of a single dose, but was admitted to the hospital as a precaution. Later, some effects were discharged. However, due to such a large number of vaccines, they will always be monitored.

6 doses instead of one
The woman received the vaccine on Sunday at Noa hospital in Tuscany. Hospital promoter Daniela Gianli told CNN the woman was fine and had no other illnesses. He was kept in hospital for up to 24 hours after receiving the vaccine and released on Monday. A health worker accidentally filled an entire vial of vaccine into a syringe containing 6 doses. Shortly after administering the vaccine, he realized the mistake when he saw 5 empty syringes.

Will be watched now
Daniela said doctors will continue to monitor the woman’s immune system now to make sure the vaccine is not causing any harm. The 23-year-old woman receives the first vaccine because she is an intern in the psychology department of the hospital. Daniela said an internal investigation had been opened but it was a human error and not a deliberate act.

Things are improving in Italy
In early April, the Italian government made the vaccine compulsory for health workers and pharmacists to save medical staff, patients and those at risk. Health workers who refuse to be vaccinated will be kept away from patients. In some places they can also be hung. Italy, which has experienced the highest infection rate in Europe for several months, is finally seeing a decrease in data.

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