“It’s a card that will bring our economy to fruition”

Update: Wednesday June 16, 2021 7:20 PM

Posted: 16.06.2021 19:19

Spain is already ready to receive the first part of the European funds approved for the recovery of the country after the coronavirus crisis, and this is because Brussels has already given the green light to the Recovery, Transition and Resilience Plan drawn up by the government. To make it official, the President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula Von der Leyen, traveled to Spain to meet the Prime Minister and support the Spanish plan in the most representative way possible.

Pedro Sánchez himself considered it a “historic” day for our country and for the whole of Europe, because “the approved plans open the door to a new way of understanding the Union European “, estimates the director general. Concretely, Sánchez appreciated the fact that Spain was the first country to present its plan in Brussels, and one of the first – after Portugal – to receive its approval, and considers that it is “the recognition of a job well done “.

Von der Leyen also considers that the Spaniards have acted “with determination and great solidarity” and that the Spanish authorities have “cooperated excellently” with the EC and, as he expressed in the joint tour he gave with Sanchez in soothes of the Spanish electrical network. “Spain will emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever,” he assured.

Stressing that this plan “is an exceptional response to an exceptional crisis”, the head of the EC framed it as the “way to the future” that Europe wants to build: with more digitized economies after the crisis and the materialization of a European pact.

Europe will be alongside Spain every step of the way “

In conclusion, the representative of the EC made it clear that “Europe will be alongside Spain every step of the way”. And to this promise, Sánchez responded by thanking “Ursula Von der Leyen’s effort which has been maintained in Spain”.

Almost 70,000 million euros in the next six years

“We are facing an important step for the disbursement of nearly 70,000 million euros in the next six years,” said Ursula Von der Leyen, who recalled that a “hard road” will begin in July with the first disbursement. money.

map that will guide economic and social challenges and bring our economy to maturity “

Concretely, Spain expects to receive a first payment of 9,000 million euros, and from that moment, and as the objectives of the plan are met, Brussels will continue to periodically grant the rest. For Sánchez, the 19,000 million euros that the country should receive in 2021, “will have an effect on job creation”. And in the same vein as Von der Leyen, he said that 40% of this money will go “for green goals”.

Insisting on the “reformist character of this plan”, and also recalling that it benefited from the contributions of institutions and social actors, the Chief Executive stressed that this plan is a “map which will guide the economic challenges and a successful conclusion of our economy.

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