“Its a question of life or death”

Updated: Saturday, April 24, 2021 4:43 PM

Published on: 04/24.2021 4:42 PM

“It’s not just Madrid. It’s democracy ”: this is the slogan that the PSOE used in its first campaign act after the controversy triggered by Vox’s attitude in the debate on Cadena SER. During a rally in the Plaza de la Constitución in Vallecas, candidate Ángel Gabilondo condemned the violence surrounded by personalities such as Minister Marlaska, Iera or the director of the Civil Guard.

“When they threaten your life and that of your family, violence is not condemned in the abstract, criminals are condemned. There is no room for equidistance. There is no hiding place. . It is a question of life and death, “recalled the ‘socialist’ candidate for the rally.

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska also condemned Vox’s “equidistance and half-measures” by condemning the threatening letters he himself received, the secretary general of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, and the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez.

“When there is a description of people, the half-measures are not valid, the equidistance is not valid, it is necessary to make the condemnation in particular, because otherwise, this equidistance reminds us of other fascisms, of others. time and another time that this rule of law recovered and conquered ”, proclaimed Marlaska during the electoral act of the PSOE in Madrid, referring to the declarations of the candidate Vox in which she doubts these death threats.

In this context, Marlaska called for the “condemnation” of this attitude by Vox because, as he said, “it is a duty of democracy, coexistence and tolerance”. “Madrid is not the Madrid of hatred”, stressed the Minister of the Interior.

Likewise, he also indicted the PP candidate for these May 4 elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom he aligned with Vox, assuring that these two formations “are trying to confront this Community with the rest of Spain”.

PSOE Deputy Secretary General and Socialist Group spokesperson in Congress Adriana Lastra, who called for a vote for Ángel Gabilondo because, as he said, also participated in this event where Democrats are defending themselves at the polls against the threats of the “fascists”: “We will win at the polls, for democracy, for what my grandparents and my parents fought every day, that’s why we are here, not to let fascism roam free in our country”.

For her part, the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, who also received a letter with death threats, rejected hate speech, which she said is the prelude to hate crimes. “He who sows the wind, gathers the storms. We need words, not bullets, we need your word, Ángel Gabilondo”, declared the director of the Armed Institute.

Conviction of all parties except Vox

For its part, the PP also condemned the threats in the letters. “We don’t want a country with clubs. We don’t want stones or balls. We don’t want threats or insults. We want harmony.”

However, from Más Madrid, they consider the equidistance that, they say, Ayuso has shown with the threat controversy to be outliers. Monica Garcia accused the Vox candidate of being “bad people”: “One can only speak like that of a person who looks away when talking about an envelope with bullets.”

Vox, however, does not retract. Rocío Monasterio continues to assert that she condemns “all violence”, and although now they point out that these threats which “go beyond”, they insist that they “do not trust them”. “They’re cheating on us with everything and then they won’t let us say ‘we don’t believe anything in this government.’ Well, I repeat, I don’t believe anything in this government, ”said the far-right party candidate.

Statements that do not serve the United We Can candidate, who insists that “the brave are those who defend democracy”: “They are running wild. They will not stop. Today, they said that their goal was for me to go into exile. threats are made, if attacks happen they will say it’s a hoax, they’ll say it’s a lie. Don’t fall for any provocation. We have to beat them with it education, ”he concluded.

Meanwhile, citizens insist on the idea of ​​removing Vox from the government of the Community of Madrid and its candidate, Edmundo Bal, sends this message to Ayuso: “Isabel, we are going to govern together, we are going to get along. We are going to do the best possible government for all Madrileños ”.

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