it’s an election between Ayuso and the left

Published: Saturday March 20, 2021 11:44

Activation of the pre-campaign in Madrid. Together but not scrambled, Podemos and Más Madrid have coincided in an act for decent housing. There, purple squad leader Isa Serra once again pointed out what he believes was Más Madrid’s mistake: “We should have sat down to talk to kick Ayuso out.” However, he insists that they “respect” the decision. However, rival list candidate Mónica García defends her decision and insists they will build bridges: “We were concerned that United We could reach 5%.” He believes that keeping “three lists” is the best way to “embrace the progressive spectrum”.

This third list, that of the PSOE, officially presented its candidate as “the alternative to entertainment”. Ángel Gabilondo claimed in a campaign video as “tasteless, serious and formal”: “I am not a marketing politician”. A video he used to defend himself against criticism: “Some say I’m boring. If it’s because of the calm, maybe they are right. It will be because I don’t believe in combat, because when there are cries I ask to speak, because when it comes to the pandemic, vaccination and economic recovery, I am not summarizing my program in a tweet. I have a lot more to say. “

“They say I’m serious. It will be because I think of someone who only grew up with seizures and even more seizures. It will be because few of my former students are still homeless, homeless. job, scared, with their working grandparents or their unemployed or surviving parents, when in Madrid there is no lack of money and what remains is this spectacle ”, he said continued, finally concluding: “They say that I am too formal. It will be because the impudence and the insult do It will be because I do not believe in hatred or in tension. It will be because I am not certainly not a marketing politician. ”

Gabilondo was supported by Pedro Sánchez. During the act, the president of the government also attacked Isabel Díaz Ayuso because, as he assured, he blocked the processing of aid for the electoral appeal. “With the electoral advance, he blocked 600 million”, denounced the chief executive. Something that the president of the government of Madrid denied, saying that “it is false” via her Twitter account.

In addition to holding the President of Madrid responsible for blocking this aid with the early convening of the elections, the chief executive accused Ayuso of “narcissism” and fireworks, and of causing tensions and divisions . An electoral advance which has also been criticized in Ciudadanos, former partners of Ayuso. Despite the party’s situation, the only candidate to date for the orange primaries, Edmundo Bal, intends to be decisive.

“They have killed us several times. I have already told you that Isabel Díaz Ayuso will not obtain an absolute majority, and that the government of Madrid will have to rely on the citizens,” Bal assured during a pre-event. -countryside. For their part, from the Popular Party, they insist: the 4M is a choice between Ayuso or the left, which they also accuse of insulting and attacking their candidate. “They want to see Madrid submissive, and that’s why they disqualify Ayuso,” criticized Ana Beltrán, deputy and deputy national secretary of the PP Organization. A campaign of lies that, for them, leads Pablo Iglesias.

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