“It’s as big as the number of the dead they have hidden”

Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2020 10:04 PM

The Madrid PP criticized the large size of the government logo on the packaging of boxes of covid-19 vaccines, assuring that it is “a sticker as large as the number of deaths that have been hidden.” .

The Madrid PP forwarded this message to their Twitter account, accompanied by the photo released by the government in which the first batch of vaccines is seen on arrival at the logistics center in Guadalajara. “A sticker commensurate with the number of the dead that they have hidden. Redondo productions”, adds the text alluding to the communication strategy of Pedro Sánchez’s chief of staff, Iván Redondo.

Some members of the federal executive of the PSOE expressed their rejection of the Madrid PP comment. “Pettiness is unlimited, unlike efficiency,” criticized Galician MP Pilar Cancela. The head of culture and sports of the PSOE and the MEP, Ibán García del Blanco, also denounced “the constant misery” of the popular.

“Those who wrap themselves in flags to launch proclamations today seem to have a lot of them,” criticized the president of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Iratxe García. Former President of the Generalitat Tim Torra also criticized on Twitter the packaging with the emblem of the government: “Vaccines include borders and flags”.

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