“It’s been all the time”

Updated: Sunday, January 10, 2021 2:48 PM

Published on: 10.01.2021 14:44

Members of the national leadership of the Popular Party accused the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, of having been absent since the problems related to the cold and snowstorm caused by Storm Filomena began and criticized its reappearance within hours later. A question to which the Minister of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, wanted to answer, stressing that “the hour is at work”.

“These are times when we provide services relentlessly. They were long nights, with many officials and workers of private companies, licensed or under employment contract,” Ábalos stressed. All with the objective, as he said, “to mitigate the effects of this storm”. And he added, referring to the popular’s message: “Someone may interpret the work differently.”

In the specific case of the Prime Minister, Ábalos assured that he “had worked intensively with him since the 6th, and all the decisions that were taken by the ministry were previously supervised by the president himself”. In this sense, he affirmed that it was Sánchez who “decided on all the operations, and even the interest and the insistence that the information and the communication to the citizens be on hold”.

Thus, he regretted the accusation of the PP, which he qualified as “true” since the head of the executive “was present all the time”, and indicted the formation led by Pablo Casado: “I understand that the PP doesn’t have to deal with you anywhere, because if you are aware of it, it would be enough to do a self-examination. ”And he settled this question by calling for putting the confrontation aside:“ The problems that we may have at the political level, we have a lot of time to deal with. “

Trains and planes will work again

During the same speech, Ábalos also announced that starting at 2 p.m. trains would start from Madrid to other parts of the country. From the ministry, they also hope to be able to gradually open the Madrid-Barajas airport throughout the afternoon of this Sunday. Although he detailed that, for the moment, the planes that were hijacked this Friday and Saturday by the storm will return to their bases, and later the rest of the operations will be done gradually.

However, the minister asked users to inquire before scheduled flights and to check with their airline. Along this line, he also reported that all high-speed lines are already cleared, with the exception of about 200 kilometers, most of the affected sections of which are located in the province of Zaragoza, one of the areas of the peninsula in the as more snow has fallen in recent hours.

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