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Updated: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 9:44 PM

Published on: 05.05.2021 21:43

The left’s electoral debacle in the Madrid elections continues to sweep away political leaders. If yesterday the resignation of Pablo Iglesias to continue in the political battle after the weak success of United We Can in the elections resounded, today the critical eye is on Ángel Gabilondo. The socialist tiptoed past Iglesias’ announcement, and it reaped the worst PSOE Madrid result in democratic history. But these numbers did not go unnoticed at Ferraz, who was very unhappy with the candidate’s performance and his results on May 4.

The drums of war are starting to beat in socialism, for there are already party leaders and factions calling for Gabilondo’s urgent march; Among them, Izquierda Socialista de Madrid, a critical current which, through a statement, called for the resignation of the Regional Executive Commission of the PSOE and the resignation of the Gabilondo Act. All with the objective, as they transferred, to initiate “a process of renewal of positions and policies”. In this sense, they called for the appointment of a director “to lead the party until the next federal and regional congress”.

But neither Ferraz nor the management of the PSOE-M bet on the imposition of a manager. On the contrary, his intentions at this time are to conduct a calm and restful process that facilitates the transition of leadership at the Madrid PSOE. For the moment, Gabilondo is not resigning and has already assured that he will get his minutes back. He therefore remains, and until further notice, as a deputy and spokesperson for the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Madrid Assembly. But the fact that he has not yet withdrawn does not mean that there is an internal party dispute.

In any case, yes a critical position that has become visible after the results of the PSOE in Madrid. Members of the government and leaders called for a necessary “serious and deep reflection” on what happened. This was indicated to the Europa Press agency by various training sources, in favor of action in this area to heal as quickly as possible the wounds caused by the latest electoral results; letters which pass, as they themselves have indicated, through a profound renewal of the PSOE-M, and starting, of course, with Gabilondo.

Gabilondo’s “failures”: from “shifting” to not understanding the scenario

The still socialist candidate has been criticized for his notorious absence throughout Ayuso’s years in office – to the point that Mónica García, spokeswoman for Más Madrid, imposed herself on him as the new leader of the opposition . In this sense, they reproached him for not knowing how to understand the political scene in which he was playing and his “lurch”, especially when he looked directly at Pablo Iglesias to reach out to the possible formation of a government. The same poll data warns him: a large part of the votes lost by the PSOE did not only go to Más Madrid or Unidas Podemos; also, to the Very Popular Party.

Gabilondo understood this as soon as the results were published. “I couldn’t open the spaces for a calm debate. I’m sorry, I would have liked to get it.” The candidate openly acknowledged his defeat in a message that sounded like a farewell, reiterating his commitment to continue working with the party “wherever he is.” At that time, even as a visible face of the party’s failure, he recalled that “it is still true that there are people in Madrid in need, that as long as the PSOE exists, they will not feel never helpless “.

In the current state of affairs, the possibility for Gabilondo to occupy the presidency of the group is currently mentioned, but in no case the spokesperson, who of the management wants to fall back on the future leader. Thus, Gabilondo’s role in Madrid politics is ended, although he remains in the post of honorary president. And about the new leader, laSexta has learned that Moncloa has already drawn up a list of possible candidates. The gaze is currently on Hana Jalloul, number two on the list, or Juan Lobato, number four, who also has a lot of organic power.

An earthquake that hits Andalusia

What happened in Madrid not only affected the socialists in Madrid, but even shook the whole party structure in the rest of Spain. Regardless of what happens with the future of Gabilondo, in Ferraz they want to put the batteries in and this Thursday afternoon they intend to activate the call to the primaries in Andalusia. The federal leadership of the party thus sets the wheels in motion in the event of an electoral advance in the Andalusian region following the success obtained by Ayuso.

It is a very important movement because it lays the foundations for the battle to wrest the leadership of Andalusian socialism from Susana Díaz. As laSexta has learned, the party’s intentions with this movement even have a date: that by the summer there will already be a new leader there. But the fear of an electoral advance in Andalusia seems unfounded for the moment, since the junta rules out that it will occur. This is how President Juanma Moreno underlined: “We are completely stable. First there is Andalusia and Andalusians, then there are the interests of the political formation that I lead.”

In any case, this series of changes is not happening at the national level for the moment, with an executive who has tried to keep a distance from Gabilondo’s candidacy in the home stretch of the campaign. But there are already those who remind Pedro Sánchez that it was his first major defeat since his meteoric rise that led him to become Prime Minister; a government which has taken the iron on the regional results and tries to show an image of stability and strength now to face the excessive euphoria of the popular. It depends on the following movements whether Sánchez ends further defeats or unleashes a black storm in socialism.

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