“It’s like finding your partner with another”

Publication: Friday March 12, 2021 5:01 PM

For the former Madrid vice-president Ignacio Aguado (Cs), the “betrayal” of Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP) of the government agreement with Citizens is like a breakup of the couple: “It is as if you are coming home and see your partner in bed with another person and when you ask him for an explanation he tells you that he did it just in case you were in the office with someone else.

“I was in the office working. And what are you doing with another person in bed?” Aguado added in an interview with Efe, following this comparison.

In his opinion, Ayuso, who is an “expert in role reversals”, is trying to “deceive” public opinion and make them believe that he called an early election because there was a motion of no confidence in him. the elaboration of the Cs and the PSOE. against him PP, as in Murcia, to expel him from the regional government, whereas this, according to Aguado, “is deeply false”.

Aguado, who assures that Ciudadanos had “no conversation” with the PSOE in Madrid, maintains that Ayuso wanted to call early elections for “more than a year” and found “the excuse” with what s’ passed to Murcia, where finally three Citizen deputies thwarted the motion by approving the PP.

“She was eager to fulfill her whim of calling an election and trying to become I am not sure if the new Empress of Madrid, as she said she wanted to rule alone,” something that “says little on it, ”she added.

“He lives on another planet,” he explained.

In his opinion, Ayuso was “deeply” wrong and his decision “will be paid for by thousands of freelancers, thousands of businessmen, thousands of families, who will not receive the 250 million euros. direct aid for hospitality. there will be a reduced price youth subscription for those under 30 and there will be no wallet card for vulnerable families “, aspects included in the 2021 budgets which were being negotiated with Vox and that will not continue.

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