“It’s more important than the freedom to drink a beer when you could contaminate it”

Posted: Saturday June 26 2021 9:36 PM

Joaquim Bosch, territorial spokesperson for Judges and Judges for Democracy, posted an applauded tweet on the occasion of the entry into force of the law of death with dignity, in which he celebrated that he was was a “huge step forward for freedom”. “We can decide our life without harming anyone. It’s more important than the freedom to drink a beer when we could infect others,” he said, in a publication with more than 7,500 “j ‘likes’ and around 3,000 retweets.

In addition, the magistrate accompanied the publication of a video of certain statements he made this Thursday to Al Rojo Vivo concerning the question of euthanasia, where he affirmed, in the same sense, that “the law of dignified death is a step forward in favor of the constitutional value of freedom that each person at the end of life must be able to choose freely whether or not he wishes to live in contexts of very serious incurable diseases which cause great suffering ”.

“Anyone who wants to continue living in this context for religious reasons or conscience convictions can do so, but what they should not be imposing their dogma or point of view on anyone who freely wishes to die in the way. which seems appropriate in this context of serious suffering, said Al Rojo Vivo’s lawyer.

Thus, Bosch declared that “in a non-denominational state which respects fundamental rights, what should be sacred is freedom”. “And, consequently, it seems to me unlikely that of the protection of the freedom which governs the law, the Constitutional Court can annul it because it is a very guaranteeing law and very respectful of the rights and freedoms of all”, expresses .

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