“It’s more necessary than ever”

Publication: Friday March 12, 2021 3:27 PM

Ana Martínez Vidal, candidate to replace López Miras for the presidency of Murcia, announced at a press conference that “the motion of censure, more necessary than ever, will be passed”. “In this vote, we will have to decide between corruption or dignity”, declared Martínez, adding that it is a dignity “which for some deputies has a price: 76,000 euros gross per year and a driver at the door of their house” .

Likewise, the candidate of Cs indicated that “an expulsion case has been opened” to Isabel Franco, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez, the three deputies of Citizens of Murcia who have come to an agreement with López Miras, adding that “the Murcians do not deserve these shows in the midst of a pandemic”.

“These deputies signed freely and voluntarily during a meeting lasting more than two hours during which everyone can freely express what they think,” Martinez defended, adding: “None of them then declared themselves against this motion of censure, on the contrary, they compromised their vote in favor of the party’s decision. “

In this sense, the citizens’ spokesperson stressed that these deputies “have constantly ratified this will for two days”, she therefore believes that “those who have taken this step today will have to take their photos before all the Murcians”. “Our affiliates and our constituents are ashamed of this will auction,” he said.

“We have just witnessed the biggest case of political corruption in the history of the region of Murcia, in a region ravaged by 26 years of PP government which has made corruption a means of understanding politics,” a- he denounced, declaring at the same time that “Ciudadanos was born to fight against corruption.”

Therefore, according to the candidate of the Orange party, they turned to “the first force of the National Assembly to promote with it the regeneration demanded by citizens outraged by the abuse of power, believing that this region is their property, which is your farm “.

Despite the controversy, Ana Martínez Vidal has citizens of Murcia “more united than ever” and that they propose a government “stable, reliable and transparent” against the PP, which “has already had 26 years to prove what it is “.

“If the corrupt believe that they are going to intimidate those of us who are really from Ciudadanos, they are wrong,” said Ciudadanos’ candidate for the presidency of Murcia, who ended her speech by declaring that they will continue to “to fight harder than ever., always thinking the best for all Murcians”.

Ana Martínez Vidal’s urgent appearance came after López Miras incorporated three wayward deputies of citizens into the government of Murcia.

Precisely this Friday, Fernando López Miras, of the PP, and Isabel Franco, of Ciudadanos, appeared jointly to stage the no of the orange deputies. During their speech, the president and the vice-president assured that the agreement signed in June 2019 was still in force and therefore rejected the motion of censure. However, a few hours later, the candidate replacing López Miras assured that he would vote.

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