“It’s not even true what is on display in the poster”

Publication: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 1:08 PM

Vox is left alone in his racist discourse against unaccompanied minors. Not only has the central government criticized him for his attitude, just like the president of the Community of Madrid, assuring that “what is exposed on the poster” placed in the Sol station “is not true”.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso defended that “it is not true that the cost” of these children “is 4000 euros”. This was pronounced a day after the far-right formation placed a poster with fake data in Madrid’s Sol station, ensuring that unaccompanied minors receive nearly 5,000 euros per month and comparing it to our pensions. elders.

Addressing the “Cadena Ser”, the president of Madrid and PP candidate for the 4M elections distanced herself from Vox, indicating that “this is a debate that has no place”. “Just as I share the fact that not all men are aggressive because they are men, not all foreigners are criminals,” he added.

Complaints to the public prosecutor’s office and the electoral commission

More strength were shown from United We Can and More Madrid. Pablo Iglesias urged not to “allow these criminals to rule in Madrid” and announced that his party “would denounce Nazi propaganda in front of the electoral council”. He said it through social networks, calling to “stand up to them” during the May 4 elections.

The formation led by Mónica García denounced to the public prosecutor’s office “the Vox advertising which incites hatred towards girls and boys in our region”, referring to the poster they placed as a campaign image. In addition, he shared the message of Pablo Perpinyà, spokesman for Más Madrid in the Assembly, who accused the extreme right of “denouncing the weak and calling for hatred against the different”.

Despite criticism, the party led by Santiago Abascal continued to defend his racist rhetoric during the scrutiny in Congress, as well as on social media.

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