“It’s not on the table”

Updated: Wednesday 07 July 2021 20:20

Published: 07/07/2021 20:18

Coronavirus infections are increasing, especially in younger people who have not yet received the vaccine, and this influences the cumulative incidence nationwide, which already exceeds 250 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 population and places the Spain at extreme risk. But Health, they confirm that measures such as those demanded by Castilla y León, to return to a curfew, “are not on the table”.

“The Minister of Castilla y León proposed a whole list of measures that the technicians had proposed, many of which coincided with the presentation of alerts, and I told her that the curfew was not on the table,” a specified Carolina Darias, Minister of Health.

The Head of Health considers that in Spain there are already “country strategies” which allow the autonomous communities to apply measures based on the epidemiological situation of their territories. He cites, for example, the coordinated action plan, called “semaphore”, the early arrest strategy, the vaccination strategy.

This is how she responds to regions that have asked for joint measures to stop the strong transmission of the virus, many of which have already gone ahead by again restricting nightlife and to which the minister has expressed her support.

In the face of this rebound, policy was also questioned in the round after Cabinet on whether the government rushed to remove mandatory mask use outdoors, which many communities have been calling for. the time.

After considering the measure as “very careful”, Darias recalled that what was approved was to be able “not to use the masks in certain cases and very specific spaces: outdoor space with a distance of 1.5 meters”. And in this sense, he considers that more pedagogy is needed for the standard to be used well.

On young people: “We must ask for responsibilities, but not hold them responsible

When asked if she thinks the nightlife should be shut down directly due to the increase in infections among younger, unvaccinated groups of people, Darias insists that there are other activities such as as bottles or trips that influence this increase in the same way.

And he wanted to do a reflection, so that young people are not demonized by the high incidence, who “are the present and the future of our country and we must take care of them”: “We must ask for responsibilities, but not hold them accountable. “Thus, the minister asked the young people to go to be vaccinated when they are called.

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