“It’s one thing to defend freedom of expression and another to encourage what we saw yesterday”

Updated: Thursday, February 18, 2021 11:24 AM

Published: 02/18/2021 11:20 AM

The first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, censored the tweet of United We Can spokesperson in Congress, Pablo Echenique, in which she supported the protests following the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél and who turned ended with serious unrest in Madrid and Barcelona.

“One thing is to defend that a democracy is demanding with freedom of expression and another very different is to encourage being in a situation where yesterday we saw wounded, detainees …”, criticized the ‘number two’ of the Cadre during an interview on Cadena SER.

For the Minister of the Presidency, public officials must express their opinion with “a certain complexity”, because “one thing is what you can think of and another, the responsibility for your position”. “The posts are for everyone, not just those who vote for you,” he censored.

The Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, was also not marked: “There is no recognized right to his violent expression” and affirmed that the government does not share what happened yesterday in Madrid and Catalonia.

José Manuel Franco, the government delegate in Madrid, admitted in “Onda Cero” that he defends the struggle for freedom of expression, but “not vandalism and violence”. “Echenique has an opinion and I do not share it,” he said.

Other leaders, such as the president of Castilla-La Mancha, wrote on Twitter to condemn the violence.

Pablo Echenique posted a message on Twitter following the protests against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél in which he expressed his support for the rallies. The case would not have been of major importance, if it had not happened just as riots and destruction were taking place in Madrid and Barcelona by the participants in these calls.

“All my support for the young anti-fascists who demand justice and freedom of expression in the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​today in Puerta del Sol. The violent mutilation of the eye of a protester must be the subject of an investigation and responsibilities must be purged forcefully, ”wrote.

Calvo insisted that “coexistence consists in respecting the rules” and that “legal certainty” is a value “as important” as freedom, equality or citizen participation. “It’s very progressive and very left to say it,” he insisted.

He dismisses Podemos as “incoherent” for not supporting the Zerolo law

In addition, questioned on a new gap in the executive of the coalition following the so-called “Zerolo law”, the first vice-president considers the position of United We Can “inconsistent”, which abstained from this Tuesday in the treatment of the proposed law and which tried to convince the parliamentary partners of the executive of the coalition not to support the said text.

The non-support of the Morados for a bill presented by the Socialist group to Congress has deepened the dissent within the coalition over equality, where disagreements are increasingly visible and colorful. In Unidos Podemos, it was wrong for the PSOE to present said legislation without relying on them, who run the Equality Ministry, and Calvo feels their position does not match what they stand for.

“It seems inconsistent to me to work on LGTBI legislation, which I believe has only a short time to complete, which will cover LGTBI groups, and on the other hand, when legislation is being drafted that states that no one can be a victim of discrimination. in our country. country, this party is not there, ”censured the vice-president and former Minister of Equality.

This is just one more episode of dissent in the two-tone government, but it fully affects one of the flagship policies of the two parties and where the sensitivities are very different. In Equality, now led by UP, they criticize the fact that the PSOE is boycotting its “trans law”, delaying its implementation; At the PSOE, they are now attacking the Morados for not having defended their proposed law on equal treatment, which the Morados criticize for not having the ministry of Irene Montero.

For the Minister of the Presidency and coordinator of the Executive, this position of the UP and its maneuvers for ERC or More Country to abstain during a “dissenting vote” – according to United We Can sources – is ” a problem of consistency of why and for what you are in politics: for things which are real, true and effective ”.

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