“It’s the revolution of the cubata, of children who want to continue their rich life”

Posted: Sunday, November 1, 2020 1:35 PM

Sociologist Rafa López expressed on LaSexta Noche that the “cubata revolution” that “children who want to continue with their rich habits do not represent the economic uncertainty of many sectors to which they require efforts, but they do not put economic measures in place. to mitigate its effects “.

“This cubata revolution does not represent that. Here we are talking about some children who want to continue with their customs and customs as a rich boy from a rich country and what they stand for is their own style of life “, criticized the sociologist, He added that” before there were people who demonstrated to change the world “and now” there are people who are able to do it so as not to change their own lifestyle “.

In addition, López said that “at the moment we have to ask ourselves how much does a human life cost, in a week when 250 people die every day”. “There can be no freedom if there is not a minimum of empathy and right now we need a lot of empathy for what is going on and knowing that we all have to make an effort.” , did he declare.

The sociologist defended that “what is happening cannot be minimized” and stressed that governments will have “two major subjects that they will have to know how to manage: frustration and economic uncertainty”.

“There is frustration because they told us that we have entered a new normal and things are going to be different and now we see that we can even go home and therefore the frustration has to be managed and that governments need to know how to manage it, “he claimed.

After the frustration, according to the sociologist, “there is the economic uncertainty of many sectors in which efforts are required, but they also do not take economic measures to lighten the efforts”. “And therefore, the economic angst they will experience in the future will be significant,” he added, which is why he underlined the importance that governments properly manage “the two big issues” .

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