it’s the start menu and the start animation

We’ve been talking about Windows 10X for months. After a bumpy and bumpy development, Microsoft’s lightweight operating system is ready and will soon begin shipping to manufacturers. Today, thanks to Windows Central member Zac Bowden, we received the first image of what the Windows 10X Start menu will look like. The operating system boot animation was also leaked. Let’s go with everything!

A minimalist, functional and central Start menu

Zac Bowden

In the image Zac Bowden posted on Twitter, we can see a Start menu very similar to the one that was previously filtered out. Two details stand out compared to previous versions of it: transparencies and a greater width.

In this case, the Start menu is displayed using the dark theme. As we already knew, it is composed of a search bar, a section for applications and programs and another for recent activities.

In Windows 10X, the Start menu is larger than in Windows 10, hence its location and the fact that it is displayed by default. Here, we don’t have a desktop where we can define folders and shortcuts: everything goes through the Start menu.

Windows 10X cover letter can’t be beat: beautiful startup animation

In addition to the image Bowden posted, we received a video of what the Windows 10X boot animation looks like. Users will see this animation the first time they turn on a device with this operating system before starting to configure it.

It may seem like a minor detail, but the quality of its maintenance and cleanliness prompts us to think of an operating system that takes care of the details and, above all, is modern.

That’s all leaked today about Windows 10X, but everything points to it continuing to happen over the next few weeks. The operating system is slated for release in the spring for computers in education and some corporate environments. Starting in 2022, after receiving a major update, Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10X to the rest of the world on mid- and low-cost laptops and tablets.

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