“It’s very hard because I have a two year old baby”

Posted: Friday June 11 2021 12:47 PM

The discovery of the lifeless body of Olivia, the oldest of the minors kidnapped by her father in Tenerife, in a bag located at the bottom of the sea, about 1,000 meters deep, shocked all of Spanish society. There are many people who on social media have conveyed their pain and regret for the tragic outcome. A similar reaction occurred in the political arena, with multiple messages of dismay from all political groups, leaders and MEPs.

Among them, Begoña Villacís was one of the leaders most affected after learning that the body of the six-year-old girl had been found in the Canary Islands. “It’s very hard because I have a two-year-old baby. And even if you don’t have them, a lot of people reading this news have been cut off,” the deputy mayor of the town hall said visibly. Madrid. excited at the time to intervene on this issue.

“Can you imagine these innocent girls in the hands of someone they trust, who is their father, who just by wanting to hurt their mother is able to do something like that”, denounced the chief de Ciudadanos, who admitted that it had given him “so many turns” to what happened that he was “unable to write anything” related to this tragedy: “Now I would like to send all my love and support for a mother who is devastated and is going through the worst nightmare possible, something that I probably don’t know will ever get up. ”

Villacís made it clear that “above the holidays is the pain of this mother”, a woman who at the moment “accompanies all of Spain”. At this point, Villacís, on the verge of tears, had to withdraw as he could not continue to express his grief over Olivia’s death. Like Villacís, different leaders have expressed their strongest condemnation of this crime for gender-based violence, which comes on top of the murder of the young Rocío Caíz, the minor under 17, murdered by her ex-spouse in Seville.

Among them, the first vice-president, Carmen Calvo; Equality Minister Irene Montero; the holder of social rights, Ione Belarra; or the government delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, denounced these crimes, as well as the rise in murders due to gender-based violence recorded after the end of the state of alert and that the government fears that this will happen. continues in summer. Even Queen Letizia expressed her “pain and sadness” on Friday: “It is difficult to avoid the expression of pain and sadness over the murder of minors. I am referring to the girls of Tenerife and the murdered girl in a Sevillian town. “

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