Iván Redondo’s environment claims it was he who decided to leave despite Pedro Sánchez offering him a ministry


Posted: Monday July 12 2021 7:08 PM

One of the biggest surprises among the changes of government announced over the weekend was the departure of Iván Redondo, until recently Pedro Sánchez’s chief of staff and one of the most powerful people in Moncloa.

From now on, the environment of Redondo ensures that it is he who asked to leave. Sources consulted by LaSexta claim to have asked the president to leave voluntarily until twice: after the victory in the last legislative elections in 2019 and, again, a month and a half ago.

According to the same sources, in the third week of May, Sánchez personally offered Redondo to be a minister to retain him, even asking him to speak with his family and to do so out of friendship.

However, they did not come to an agreement, although they continued to shape the new executive together. Indeed, according to the sources consulted, it was not the first time that Sánchez had offered Redondo a ministerial portfolio: he would have already done so after the vote of no confidence in 2018, but Redondo rejected it.

According to this version, although he knows his position, Sánchez continued to consider Redondo as minister until last week, and last Tuesday he sent two mutual friends to dinner with him to try to convince him to stay in government. .

Redondo then expressed their determination to leave and that the CEO was already aware and they informed him that the changes in the new government would take place last weekend. On the same Saturday that Sánchez officially announced the changes, the two met privately in the morning.

The entourage of Iván Redondo thus comes to the passage of information which indicates that the former chief of staff Sánchez would have posed a test to the president: to be minister of the Presidency or to leave. An ultimatum that they deny to those around them.

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