J-20 fighter jet engine: China’s dream of smashing the J-20 superpowers, defeating the US and Russia in this way

The growing number of Rafale fighter jets in the Indian Air Force is stirring the senses in China. Meanwhile, his dream of making his J-20 fighter jet overpowered was also shattered. It is said that America and Russia are behind this dream of China. Indeed, China was in the process of capturing the Ukrainian engine manufacturer Motor Sich to make its J-20 fighter plane more powerful. Motor Stitch is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft engines. The company has built engines for several aircraft, including the Russian MI helicopter, Antonov Aircraft. The engines manufactured by this company are also used by the Indian Air Force in its helicopters and airplanes. China was looking for a powerful engine to power its stealth fighter plane. Since the engine of fighter jets is a very complex technology, and China does not have an engine that can give the J-20 as much force as the dragon wants. For this, China has hatched a conspiracy at the international level. America was already suspicious of China’s intentions, while Russia later learned of the theft from China. After that, he too turned against China. It was not until the last month of 2020 that China carried out maneuvers with the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) J-20 aircraft in the Gobi Desert. . The six J-20 fighter jets involved in this exercise carried out live fire exercises with H-6 bombers deployed near Ladakh.

How powerful is the Chinese J-20 fighter plane

The Chinese J-20 fighter plane is known as the Mighty Dragon. This fighter plane can fly at twice the speed of sound. It is built by the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation of China. Two motors are installed to provide greater resistance to the aircraft. It has a single pilot seat. China claims that this fighter plane can fly in all seasons. China even claims that this fighter plane is equipped with stealth technology, which no radar can contain. Let us tell you that this is the third operational fighter jet in the world. The first two F-22 receivers and the F-35 are stationed in the US Air Force. The basic range of the J-20 is 1,200 km and can be extended up to 2,700 km. The J-20 measure from 20.3 m to 20.5 m. Its height is between 4.45 m and its wingspan from 12.88 to 13.50 m. The J-20’s curb weight is 19,391 kg, while it is capable of flying with a total weight of 37,013 kg, including fuel and weapons. This fighter plane can fly up to an altitude of 66,000 feet. China says it can perform any operation within an area of ​​2,000 km. Up to 11,340 kg of jet fuel can be filled in this jet.

Why does China need new engines for the J-20?

The Chinese J-20 fighter plane is powered by two Russian Saturn AL-31FM2 engines. Together, these two engines provide thrust of up to 145 kg Newton to the aircraft. Since then, the J-20 is heavy and also has a very large aircraft size, so its strength requirements are not met with the help of these engines. Therefore, China is vigorously preparing to replace it. China is working on a plan to replace it in the future with a more powerful WS-15 engine. China has so far produced a total of 50 J-20 fighter jets. Some of them are with the Chinese Army Technical Air Combat Development Agency, while the rest are stationed on the India and South China Sea front. Now all Chinese-made J-20 planes use their own developed J-10 engine. China is proud that its J-20 is proving powerful against Rafael on all fronts and its official media are also fighting on the same day.

How China hatched an international plot to obtain an engine

According to reports, China has installed its own WS-10 engine integrated into most of the latest J-20 fighter jets. However, even this fighter plane does not get as much power as expected. Russia’s Saturn AL-31FM2 engine and China’s WS-10 engine are almost equal in strength. In such a situation, China’s needs are not met. The quality of these two engines is not as good. China has been trying to build the high quality motor for the past 20 years. It’s called WS-15. However, China has not been able to achieve much success in this area. So China has long conspired to obtain a high-quality engine. For this, China conspired to capture the famous Ukrainian engine manufacturer Moter Sich. For this, China has thrown a trap at the engine point since 2009 via Beijing Sinwai Company. With no country trusting Chinese company, China set up another company called Skyraizon Aircraft. He also did tips for capturing Motor Stitch in association with several other companies.

How did China want to seize the Ukrainian company?

China’s decision to seize the prime mover was revealed by the European Policy Research Center (CEPA) in November last year. The report states that China signed a company memorandum in 2015 by MotorSych and SkyReason. It was said to transfer some of the technology to China. Instead, a loan of around $ 100 million was made to Motor Stitch over 10 years. This loan was financed by the China Deppalment Bank, the Chinese public bank. It was also written in this agreement that if Motor Sitch goes bankrupt, it will be occupied by China. According to this report, MotorSych signed another deal with China in 2016 to sell its company’s shares to Chinese companies. As a result, China has acquired more than half of the shares of the Ukrainian company. China Skyrise is said to have held 56 to 76 percent of the capital of Motor Sitch Company. Anytime China wanted, it could declare the company bankrupt and capture it. With this, the technology of all engines manufactured by the company would be officially passed on to China. But, in the meantime, America and Russia have made a big game.

America-Russia fails Chinese move like this

The United States became active before China took over the prime mover. He immediately sent his national security adviser, John Bolton, to Ukraine. Bolton lobbied Ukraine to have the deal canceled immediately. On the other hand, Russia has also made it clear to China that it will not give the engine away, but if there is a deal now, it will be the entire plane. Russia also had the idea that China wanted to steal its rear engine technology using the engine point. The two countries put so much pressure on Ukraine that the government canceled the Chinese deal by nationalizing the company. Not only that, the government has also captured all of Motor Stitch’s resources. It shattered China’s dream of a powerful engine for its J-20 fighter jets.

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