j bob balaram: Bob Balaram’s man behind NASA’s Mars helicopter: know Bob Balaram, chief engineer of NASA’s Mars helicopter

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NASA Ingenuity’s Mars Helicopter was designed by a scientist of Indian descent, after the successful flight of the Ingenuity helicopter, Bob Balaram was discussed in Mechanical Engineering at IIT. Takewashington
US space agency NASA made history Monday when it flew an Ingenuity helicopter to Mars. But, do you know that the engineer of Indian origin is behind this success of America. Yes, NASA’s Mars Helicopter, known as Ingenuity, was designed by Jay (Bob) Balaram of IIT, India.

The helicopter is more active than ever
Ingenuity Chief Engineer J (Bob) Balaram said after the successful flight that his helicopter is now much healthier than before. He also removed the dust accumulated on his solar panels. After which, it produces more solar energy than before. After this flight, J (Bob) Balaram’s work is praised around the world.

The inspiration was given by the rocket landing on the moon
Born in southern India in the 1960s, J (Bob) Balaram had a particular interest in space and rockets since his childhood. His uncle had written a letter to the Mercury Consulate in India asking for information about his career at NASA. J (Bob) Balaram said a few years ago in an interview with NASA’s Inhouse magazine that he was more excited about space after hearing the news of the rocket’s arrival on the moon over the radio.

NASA made history on Mars, first flight made by the Ingenuity helicopter
Other prominent Indians working in the Mars mission
J (Bob) Balaram is the second engineer of Indian origin to work on NASA’s Mars mission. Apart from them, Swati Mohan of Indian origin leads the Mars mission. It is said that more than ten engineers of Indian origin are involved in this mission. US President Joe Biden himself spoke with Swati Mohan after the successful disembarkation from the mission.

Work done in many NASA missions
Balaram began his career at NASA with work in robotic weapons, early Martian rovers, technology, and the Mars Science Laboratory for the National Balloon Mission designed for the exploration of the planet Venus. He was then selected in the March 2020 mission last year in the team with the Rover Perverence. After which, he made history by successfully piloting a helicopter to Mars in an atmosphere about seven times thin millions of miles from Earth with the help of his team.

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