Jack Ma missing: Rich Chinese disappeared after interviewing Xi Jinping before Alibaba founder Jack Ma Missing: Chinese billionaire Joe Xi Jinping

Many questions have arisen since the disappearance of Jack Ma, one of the richest people in China, famous around the world. Ma had sharply criticized the country’s “interest-bearing” financial regulators and state-owned banks in October last year, causing them problems. For two months, he has been missing, which has raised questions about the government of the country Xi Jinping, criticized for its harshness.

Businessman jailed for 18 years
Questions are being raised about Jinping as Jack Ma is not the first critic that Dragon angered. Real estate businessman Ren Zhiqiang also disappeared in March. He called President Xi a “ clown ” for mismanaging the corona virus epidemic. 6 months after his disappearance, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for having confessed to various corruption crimes “of his own accord and with truth”.

Jack Ma missing: the founder of Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma, missing for two months, confrontation with the Chinese president heavy?

Detained for three years
In 2017, billionaire financier Xian Jianhua was kicked out of a hotel in Hong Kong and taken to China. It is said that his official information is not known to anyone, but he has been under house arrest for more than three years. Not just businessmen, China has been criticized for waging a campaign against people who open their mouths against its government.

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The “ sacrifice ” of the doctor who told the truth about Corona
Last year, the government was accused of conspiring against the first corona virus scout, Dr Wen Wenliang. Wenliang disclosed the outbreak of the Karona virus in December. On WeChat on December 31, he warned the Chinese people that a virus like SARS was spreading in the country. After that, he started harassing her on social media for spreading rumors. He then offered himself to Corona.

Missing doctor exposing corona virus in Wuhan, China feared detention

Why was Jack Ma on the right track?
Jack Ma, who has been a role model for millions of people around the world, had called on the government to make changes to a system that seeks to “take away the effort of bringing new things into business.” He called global banking rules a “club for the elderly”. The ruling Chinese Communist Party erupted after this speech. Subsequently, extraordinary restrictions were placed on Ma’s activities.
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Jack ma

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