Jack ma spotted: Jack ma: Alibaba founder Jack Ma seen playing golf, Chinese government tensions persist – Alibaba founder Jack Ma seen playing golf easing fears of detention in China

He was seen playing golf amid speculation over the arrest of Jack Ma, China’s third richest billionaire. Previously, there had also been speculation that he had left the country. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is seen at the Sun Valley Golf Resort on Hainan Island, China. People associated with this whole affair gave this information to the Bloomberg News Agency.

This golf course itself is spectacular and quite famous. Jack Ma first appears after speaking to teachers on January 20. The appearance of Jack Ma put an end to the ongoing speculation about him, but the market is still hot over his future due to the continuing tension with the Communist Party. The Chinese administration is constantly acting on its affairs.

Earlier, Jack Ma appeared in the video less than a minute after long and during that time he didn’t say anything about the Chinese government. That was enough to spark excitement among investors desperate to have a glimpse of Ma for months. In addition, Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s market value increased by $ 58 billion in a single day. Ma had been missing since the end of last year and there was a lot of speculation about her. The future of the most famous Chinese businessman is not very clear.

Alibaba shares rose 8.5% after Ma’s appearance, and Alibaba had a market capitalization of $ 58 billion. Professor Feng Ketcheng of the Chinese University of Hong Kong said nothing could be said about the government’s next move. But it is clear from Ma’s video that her situation is far better than the apprehensions. Jack Ma had sharply criticized the country’s financial regulators and public sector banks in October last year. It was only after this criticism that Jack Ma started having difficulties. He has been missing for two months, which raises questions about the Xi Jinping government.

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