Jair Bolsonaro: Stop social distancing, Corona will be with us for life, warns Brazilian President Bolsonaro – Covid will be with us for life, abandon social distancing measures, says Jair Bolsonaro

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called for dropping social distancing, Bolsononaro said – Corona virus will stay with us for life; Bolsonarario de Janeiro on track due to slow vaccination in Brazil
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has expressed fears that the corona virus will now be with us for a lifetime. He called on local leaders in Brazil to ensure that people learn to live with the virus except through social distancing. However, health experts and opposition leaders protested his statement. The World Health Organization has always urged people to maintain their social distancing.

Bolsonaro on target for slow vaccination
Bolsonaro himself was infected with the Corona virus. Bolsonaro did not track social distancing on several occasions during the transition. Not only that, at that point he had announced that he would not even get the Corona vaccine. It is currently criticized across the country for the slowness of the corona vaccination. Brazil is second behind the United States in terms of the number of people who die from Corona infection.

Bolsonaro defends the vaccination campaign
In his weekly live social media webcast, he said the corona virus problem will now last a lifetime. Bolsonaro has defended the slow pace of the Corona virus vaccination campaign in Brazil, saying some countries in Europe and South America do not have vaccines. We know the demand is high. We have signed agreements and contracts with various companies since last September and the vaccines are starting to arrive. Soon they will reach the entire population in no time.

India gives Brazil coronavirus vaccine, then resuscitates ‘Hanuman Bhakta’ within President Bolsonaro
India has given 20 million doses of vaccine to Brazil
India has sent 2 million doses of the corona virus vaccine to Brazil. On January 23, the vaccine dose developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford arrived in Sao Paulo. After which Bolsonaro thanked Prime Minister Modi and India by tweeting the photo of Hanumanji wearing Sanjeevani Booti. Previously, India had also supplied hydroxychloroquine tablets at the request of Brazil.

India sent Corona vaccine to throttle, tweet from photo of Brazilian President Bolsonaro Hanuman Ji
2 million insufficient vaccines for Brazil
According to Brazilian public health experts, 2 million doses of vaccines from India are too small to be needed. He said that in a country with a population of 21 crore, these vaccines will be applied first to people in priority groups who will need more dosages, but there is a delay in the arrival of raw materials from Asia.

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