James Webb Telescope: Cost of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

After the Hubble space telescope located in space, the US space agency NASA is preparing to launch its successor. The highly anticipated James Webb Space Telescope can be launched by October of this year. A plan has also been drawn up to study a system of planets 63 light years from Earth using this telescope, which is being built at a cost of $ 10 billion, or about 75,000 crore. rupees.

There are at least two planets in this Beta Pictoris system. Apart from that there are a lot of other rocky objects and there is also a dust disk. Through this study an attempt will be made to understand dust. Its path should also include the Milky Way as it can also contain comets, asteroids, rocks of various sizes, and dust that orbit the star.

Debris will be investigated
According to Chris Stark of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, researchers are eager to understand this planetary system. Stark and his team will study James Webb’s coronograph, which will block the star’s light and study the disc made of debris. There is a possibility of activity due to the fragments coming out of it.

Stark said that there are at least two giant planets in Beta Pictoris and that they are small rocky things very far apart, but what is between them and how is it in relation to our solar system? I hope to get answers to questions like these through James Webb’s observations.

younger than our sun
Beta Pictoris has twice the mass of the Sun but has a shorter lifespan. Where our Sun is 4.6 billion years old, Beta Pictoris is only 20 million years old. James Webb is more sensitive than any space telescope ever built and with his help he can search for evidence and detect vapor where gas is present.

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