Janet Yellen to be the first United States Secretary of the Treasury: Janet Yellen becomes the first female United States Secretary of the Treasury

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Famous economist Janet Yellen becomes United States Minister of Finance, Vice President Kamla Harris sworn in Also stamped in Washington
Renowned economist Janet Yellen is sworn in as United States Minister of Finance. He was sworn in by Vice President Kamala Harris. In this way, Yellen became the first female finance minister in U.S. history. On Monday, the US Senate approved him as finance minister. In addition, the Senate on Tuesday approved the proposal to appoint Antoine Blinken, a longtime ally of President Joe Biden, as the next foreign minister.

Yellen (74) was previously governor of the US central bank Federal Reserve. He led the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018. On Monday, the Senate approved Yenette’s appointment as finance minister by a vote of 84 to 15. Now Yellen has the responsibility of saving the crumbling economy due to the corona virus outbreak.

Previously, the Senate approved the appointment of Antoine Blinken as Minister of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday. Blinken became the fourth member of the 46th President of the United States Cabinet Joe Biden, whose appointment received Senate approval. In addition to Blinken and Yellen, the Senate stamped the names of Avril Haynes for the post of Director of the Department of National Vigilance and Lloyd Austin for the post of Minister of Defense.

America is the country most affected by the corona virus epidemic. So far, over 4.20 lakh people have died from the epidemic in America. So far, more than 25 million people in the country have been infected. President Biden has proposed a $ 1.9 billion package to jumpstart the economy from the epidemic.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told the House on Monday: “Yellen’s appointment shows the acceptability of his experience with the support of both parties.” It also shows how favorable their ability is to manage the economic challenges of our time.

The US Senate has 50 to 50 members from the ruling Democratic Party and the opposition Republican Party. Yellen is a graduate of Brown and Yale. He has taught economics at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Yellen is remembered for his tenure as governor of the Federal Reserve in a period of unemployment and continued economic recovery after the global financial crisis.

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