Japan China Tension: Japan, which forms a new trio against China, will perform for the first time a maneuver with the United States and France

Japan forms a new trio against the growing presence of dragons in the South China Sea. According to Japanese media, in May next year, Japan will undertake large-scale maneuvers near one of its islands with the US and French navies. Japan has not conducted trilateral maneuvers with the United States and France before. In recent times, the infiltration of the Chinese Navy and Air Force into Japanese territory has also intensified.

So these three countries will land in the East China Sea
According to the Sankai newspaper report, this maneuver will take place in the sea and land areas of one of the uninhabited islands of Japan. Meanwhile, the navies of the three countries will check the preparations for relief and rescue operations in the event of natural disasters. However, experts fear that its main goal is to increase defensive preparation against China.

Japan wants to send a strong message to China
Japanese media claimed the purpose of the joint exercise was to claim Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea. However, the Japanese Ministry of Defense has not released any official statement regarding this practice. At the same time, Admiral Pierre Vandier, head of the French navy, said in an interview that we want to show our presence in the region. He said it will also send a message of Japan-France cooperation.

China clashed with Japan over the islands
There is a dispute between China and Japan over the islands located in the East China Sea. Both countries claim these uninhabited islands. These are known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaos in China. The administration of these islands has been in Japanese hands since 1972. At the same time, China says these islands are under its jurisdiction and Japan should drop its claim. Not only that, the Chinese Communist Party even threatened military action to capture him.
Japanese navy guard these islands
The Japanese navy is currently guarding the Senkaku or Diaos Islands. In such a situation, if China tries to take over these islands, then it will have to wage war with Japan. However, it will not be easy for China with the third largest military force in the world. Also last week, numerous Chinese government ships arrived near the island, after which the possibility of collision also increased.

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