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A few days ago, the sky of Japan was lit by fireworks. It was as if small balls of fire were blowing from the sky, videos of which continued to be shown on television and on social media. In fact, there was a meteor shower here which continued for a while. According to local media, these fireballs were racing cars. It is a meteorite that erupts in the atmosphere.

According to NHK Public Television, these shells were seen in Aichi, Me and elsewhere in the southern sky. As a meteorite approached Nagoya in a Nagoya Harbor camera, it shone like a full moon. Some experts said some of his pieces also fell to the ground.

Some people got excited after seeing such a light, and many were shocked by the explosion. Nobody understood at first how the day was spent at night. Earlier in July, a shooting star was sighted in Tokyo. Pieces of it were also seen in Sheeba.

What are meteorites?
When the asteroid breaks for some reason, a small piece of it separates from them, which is called a meteorite. When these meteorites reach close to the earth, they burn on contact with the atmosphere and we see a light that looks like a shooting star, or a shooting star, but they are not really stars.


NASA maintains that the collection does not necessarily burn every meteorite when it lands. Some large meteorites also land on the ground without burning and are then called meteorites. NASA’s Johnson Space Center maintains a collection of meteorites found in different corners of the world, and by studying them, layers of asteroids, planets, and our solar systems are opened up.

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