Japan to Deploy Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II to Defend China’s Senkaku Islands: Japan to Deploy Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II to Protect East China Sea Islands from China

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Japan will deploy the world’s deadliest fighter jet to teach China a lesson, to protect the East China Sea islands, the F-35 fighter jet will fly from 2024. The dispute Sino-Japanese on these islands is alarmed by the aggressive policy of Dragon Tokyotokyo
Japan will increase its defense power amid the ongoing dispute with China over the East China Sea islands. Japan will deploy the F-35B stealth fighter jet by 2024 to prevent infiltrations, including a fleet of Chinese aircraft carriers. It is believed that the deployment of these most advanced fighter jets in the world can give Japan a great strategic advantage in the East China Sea.

F-35 fighters will be stationed at Miyazaki
Japanese newspaper Yomiuri cited sources as saying the first F-35B aircraft would be deployed to the Air Self-Defense Force’s Nyutabaru Air Base in southern Miyazaki Prefecture to protect islands off the mainland. This air base is about 1,030 km northeast of the disputed Diaoyu Islands. In Japan, this archipelago is known as Senkaku. China can claim it, but it is occupied by Japan.

Chinese Coast Guard have increased their activities
Recently, the Chinese Coast Guard has stepped up its activities in areas near the Senkaku Islands. The Japanese Defense Ministry spotted the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning with a full fleet between the main island in the southern province of Okinawa and Miyako Island last Sunday. This year marks the first time a Chinese aircraft carrier has arrived in the region.

Tucker of China and Japan buys 105 Steel Fighter Jet F-35 from US
America approved the deal last year
The United States Department of Defense did not approve the sale of 105 F-35A and F-35A fighter jets to Japan until last year. These are different variations of the American F-35. The Pentagon issued a statement regarding the deal, saying the State Department authorized the sale of 105 F-35 fighter jets and related equipment for $ 23.11 billion under the military cell. foreign. This includes 63 F-35A fighter jets and 42 F-35B fighter jets.

US fires ‘nuclear bomb’ from F-35A fighter jet, China panics
These planes can perform vertical takeoff and landing
American-made F-35 fighter jets are equipped with vertical take-off and landing technology. They will initially be operated by the JS Kaga ship of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. It is the only helicopter carrier in Japan. For this, Japanese pilots are also undergoing training in the United States.

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