Japan ‘toilet’ thief arrested, used to target buildings under construction – Serial toilet thief arrested in Japan by police

Police in Japan have arrested a vicious thief who steals towels from homes. This thief stole towels from buildings under construction and put them in the second-hand store. Police claimed that after the capture of this thief, the area of ​​towels that had been missing in the area for several months was resolved. Police arrested Ryusi Takada, 26, from Finabashi town in Chiba province.

Store owner arrested in the spotlight
Police arrested the vicious criminal while he was resting at his home after selling a new toilet at a thrift store. Ryusi Takada worked in a construction company in the town of Finabashi, Chiba Province, Japan. Police said Takada knew the time of departure of workers working at the construction site because of his rank. He used to commit these incidents when there was no one at these sites.

Used to target buildings under construction
The first case of toilet theft in the town of Finabashi was revealed in October 2020. Since then, numerous such incidents have been heard across the region. In this area, towels were used for sitting in a building under construction. This thief uprooted it and stole it before it was fixed. In the absence of evidence, the police could not catch this criminal.

Toilets have been stolen from 18 locations as of October
According to Sora News 24, the caught thief has committed at least 18 incidents in the past three months. Most of them were towels. However, due to the sale already made, the police were unable to make any recovery from the thief. According to reports, the police caught the thief at the request of the owner of the second-hand store.

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