Japanese high-speed train driver leaves cockpit to go to the toilet: Japanese high-speed train driver leaves a 150 km high-speed train to use the toilet

The whole world is convinced of the punctuality and efficiency of trains in Japan. It is the responsibility of these trains to reach and get millions of people employed on time every day. The Japanese people also appreciate the passionate dedication of the railway operators in this regard. However, Japanese train drivers have to pay the price for this time restriction. Just days ago, the incident on May 16 exposed the helplessness of Japanese drivers of Shinkansen high-speed trains to the world.

Driver’s left cabin for bathroom
In fact, that day, the conductor of the high-speed Shinkansen train left the train at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour and left for the bathroom. During this time, the cockpit of this high-speed train remained empty for at least three minutes. About 160 passengers were on the train at the time of this incident. According to Japanese media, the 36-year-old driver stayed out of the cockpit of train number 633 for about three minutes.

Ruckus caused by this driver’s action at rush hour
On the way to the toilet, the conductor instructed the train conductor to look after the cabin. However, this conductor was not given any license to operate the train. The incident is reported at 8:15 am Japanese time. Every day at this time, a large number of people in Japan are traveling by train to their respective offices. At that time, this train was between Atami Station and Mishima Station in Shizuoka Province.

The driver apologized for his problem
Train drivers in Japan take care of people on board and unloading trains and other tasks. They are not trained to drive the train. In such a situation, at the time of this incident, both the driver and the driver put the lives of hundreds of people on the line. The driver then apologized for this, saying he had been sitting in the bathroom ever since. a long time, which started to hurt her stomach. The driver said he didn’t stop the train at the nearest station because he didn’t want to delay.

Cleaning of the company that operates the train
Following the incident, JR Central, the company that operates the Japanese bullet train, issued an official letter and apologized to passengers. The incident was reported to the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The company said it is committed to maintaining discipline among its employees and will ask all drivers and drivers to ensure compliance.

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