Japanese princess mako delayed her wedding: Japanese princess unable to marry without loving love

The very beautiful Japanese princess Mako has again postponed her wedding plans. Earlier in 2017, Princess Mako (28) had planned the wedding but they had to postpone their plans. Japanese princesses love Kei Komuro, an ordinary citizen of the country who works to promote beach tourism. The granddaughter of Akihito, Emperor of Japan, and niece of the current Emperor, Naruhito, wants to have a love marriage with Princess Mako Kei Komuro but has to postpone her wedding plan a second time due to a big fear. Let’s know the whole story….

The title of “ princess ” will end after the wedding

Princess Mako has announced that she is again postponing her wedding plan. In fact, if Princess Mako marries her lover Kei Komuro, they will have to relinquish their presence status. According to the tradition of the Royal House of Japan, if a member of the royal family marries someone on the outside, they must spend the rest of their life like an ordinary man. Princess Kei Komuro’s lover is an ordinary citizen. Komuro skis, plays the violin and enjoys cooking. Kamuro works as “prince of the sea” to promote tourism on the beaches. Kamuro is currently working in a law firm.

We can’t separate: princess

Due to this fear, Princess Mako is unable to part ways with her lover and is unrelated to marriage. Even after postponing the wedding plan, he still doesn’t have a concrete plan on which to tell when the wedding will take place. Mako said it was difficult to say anything about future plans at this time. Mako said that marriage is an essential option so that we can live with respect and heart. He said, “We cannot separate from each other and we can support each other in good times and bad.”

The princess kept her love hidden for a long time

Princess Sayako’s aunt, Princess Sayako, was the last member of the royal family to have the title of “ princess ” revoked. Princess Sayako married an officer in Tokyo in 2005. The two met while studying. Princess Mako reportedly offered to marry her boyfriend at a dinner party in December 2013. After that, the two kept their love hidden for a long time and the princess went to study in Britain. In 2017, Princess Mako announced that she would be getting married in November 2018, but that royal wedding was later postponed until 2020. Previously, the princess’s father said he was unsure if his daughter would get married.

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