Japanese woman hid her mother’s corpse: woman’s corpse hid in freezer for 10 years will be shocked to know the reason – Japanese woman hid her mother

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In Japan, the woman hid the body of her own mother for 10 years after the death. The woman was afraid of being taken out of the apartment, the mother’s name was in possession of the apartment.
In Japan, a woman hid her own mother’s corpse in a homemade freezer for 10 years. The case came to light when a housekeeper arrived to clean his house. In fact, this woman was afraid of being evicted from this apartment. Because the local municipal corporation had allocated this apartment to the name of the woman’s mother.

Police arrested an accused woman
According to local media, the accused woman is Yumi Yoshino, 48, who lived with her mother in an apartment in the capital Tokyo. Yumi’s mother passed away about 10 years ago, but this woman quietly closed the body by putting it in a freezer kept in the house. Police arrested accused woman Yumi Yoshino when the case came to light.

For this reason, the mother’s body was kept hidden for 10 years.
According to Kyodo News of Japan, the mother was around 70 at the time of her death. The lease for this house was issued by the Tokyo Municipal Corporation in the name of the deceased woman. This woman feared that if the municipality learned of her mother’s death, she would be evacuated. The time and cause of the woman’s death have not yet been determined.

How to open the case
The Tokyo Municipal Corporation asked the woman to bring the old rent payment receipt. Because the authorities opposed the rental of this house. When the surprised woman did not deliver the receipt, she had to leave the apartment. Later, when the cleaner arrived to clean this apartment, he saw the corpse of the woman in the freezer kept in the house.

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