Java edition will require access with a Microsoft account

The original version of Minecraft, now called Minecraft: Java Edition, will soon require a Microsoft account to play. The announcement was made on the Minecraft blog. This means that existing players will start switching to Microsoft accounts next year. The move will be mandatory, so you won’t be able to play the game if you don’t switch to the new account.

Mojang requires you to associate Minecraft with a Microsoft account

To justify the decision to move its player base, explains Minecraft developer Mojang. According to Mojang, Microsoft accounts offer a range of advantages over today. These include additional security through two-factor authentication. We can also link different games from the Minecraft universe to the same account. As well as improved parental controls and the ability to block chat messages and invites.

Other than using a Microsoft account, there won’t be any big changes with the transition. Existing skins and mods will continue to work and users will be able to keep their current username. In fact, Microsoft is giving players a small reward for going through the process – a special cape for their character. The company is also talking about how other rewards can be revealed later. You can get more information about the transition in these frequently asked questions.

For new players, the Microsoft account requirement will go into place this fall, which means you’ll need it to create a new account. Because there is a large number of players in the Java edition of Minecraft (in 2019, the company reported that 30 million copies of the game had been sold), existing players will be moved in batches from there. ‘next year. Users will receive emails with instructions on how to make the move when their turn comes.

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