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The essentials A poll on the regional elections on June 20 and 27 in Occitania shows that the National Rally would emerge victorious in the first ballot.

A victorious outgoing president in all cases; an RN who is at the top in the first ballot and never falls below the 30% threshold of voting intentions a candidate La République en Marche who does as well or even better than Les Républicains: Here is a summary of Ifop’s in three sentences conducted poll La Tribune – Europe 1 less than three weeks before the first round of regional elections in Occitania, the next June 20.

If the first round took place next Sunday, Jean-Paul Garraud’s National Gathering List was predicted to be four points ahead of Carole Delga’s regional majority, with 30% of voting intentions versus 26%. Aurélien Pradié (The Republicans, UDI and Centrists, 14%) and La République en Marche, led by Vincent Terrail-Novès (13%) would follow. Occitania ecologists of course (Antoine Maurice) would be 10%.

Delga in any case

In the second round, on June 27, Carole Delga would be elected in a square, whether or not she met Les Insoumis, for a second term (37-40% of the voting intentions), with Jean-Paul Garraud in charge his score in the first ballot, so without voting reserves, he would only find (34% of voting intentions) in a triangle, after withdrawing from the list La République en Marche, but without further threat to the outgoing President (40%) and then among the Republicans at 26%.

Note that the LREM would do as well in a square as the right-wing party.

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