Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson fight for space supremacy

The news of the world’s richest billionaire and Amazon company owner Jeff Bezos’s space trip has caused panic. With this, a race began, in which space companies from all over the world are involved. By now, the billionaire owners of the three space companies operating in the space business, who are considered the toughest rivals, have also raised the flags of their respective companies on earth. There is now a race to occupy the space between these business tycoons. In this, SpaceX owner Elon Musk is number one. At number two is Jeff Benzos, owner of Blue Origin, and Richard Brenson, owner of Virgin Galactic, at number three. Richard Branson’s company also announced that it is also working on plans to launch its first manned mission in July. However, the company has yet to receive a fixed launch date.

Why these billionaires want to occupy space

Space tourism is developing a new sector in the times to come. It also has immense development potential. Those who want to go to space will have to spend lakhs and crores of rupees. Obviously, only the rich class is able to bear this expense. In such a situation, all these private space companies are trying to prove themselves as quickly as possible. The company with the best performance and the least risk of accidents, obviously people will prioritize this. Apart from that, these billionaires also have other successful businesses. They can also bear the loss of a business failure. Research is always needed for new technologies in the field of space. For which these magnates will have no problem of financing.

Two billion rupees to go to space with Jeff Bezos

On Saturday there was an offer to pick the man who traveled to space with Jeff Bezos. During the auction which lasted about 10 minutes, 7,600 people from 159 countries around the world participated. The winner, who went with Bezos in his New Shepherd rocket, was decided in the last three minutes of auction. The winner donated around two billion rupees or $ 28 million to book tickets with Bezos. Blue Origin has yet to announce the winner. It is believed that the person who goes there is also a billionaire. This will be the 16th flight of the New Shepherd rocket, but its first flight with a human. This spacewalk of Bezos will last only 11 minutes. An anonymous person spent 2 billion rupees on the 11-minute walk.

Richard Branson targets Jeff Bezos

Richard Branson tweeted targeting Jeff Bezos’ announcement to go to space. “Many kudos to Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark for announcing their space flight plans,” he wrote. Jeff started Blue Origin in 2000. We (Virgin Galactic) started it in 2004. … and now the two are ready to go to space. How extraordinary to see this space. Branson’s tweet is believed to have made a dig at Virgin Galactic being ready for the first flight together, although it was installed later. There is no mention of Elon Musk, the greatest actor in space, in this tweet from Branson. He launched his company SpaceX in a very volatile way in 2002. But, in a short time, he became the biggest player in space.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin gears up for its first commercial launch

Jeff Bezos founded his space company Blue Origin in 2000. Bezos’ plan is to put humans in the solar system, just like Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos revealed in 2018 that each person will have to pay two to three lakh dollars to travel to space. To accomplish this task, Bezos has invested $ 1 billion every year in this ambitious project since 2016. Blue Origin’s New Shepherd capsule is fully automated and does not require a pilot. Bezos’ new Shepherd rocket is designed in such a way that in an emergency the capsule will detach from the rocket halfway and passengers will be kept away from that rocket.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic also not far behind

Famous British industrialist Richard Branson has a net worth of $ 410 million. He founded the Virgin Group in the 1970s. There are over 400 companies in this group around the world. He founded Virgin Galactic in 2004 in view of the growing possibilities in space. This company has worked closely with NASA and the British Space Agency for several years.

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