Jeff Bezos Girlfriend: Jeff Bezos hugs his girlfriend after space travel: Back from space, Jeff Bezos hugged his girlfriend

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world to travel in space. Bezos called it the most wonderful day of his life and his love was also there to share the moment. Bezos’ happiness was even more evident when he hugged his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez as soon as he stepped out of the capsule after landing safely on Earth.

hugged as soon as you got off
After landing, Bezos exclaimed from inside the capsule: “It was amazing.” He said, “I was surprised how easy Zero Gravity was, so natural.” When he had to check the status after landing, he called it the happiest day of his life. As soon as he stepped out of the capsule, Bezos kissed his girlfriend Lauren by the neck.

The oldest astronaut: … when the dream was shattered 60 years ago, Wally Funk, the oldest astronaut, showed loot like this
Bezos went to space in a lot of style and he also returned with a cowboy hat. At the same time, astronaut Volley Funk, 82, also looked very excited after his return. Volleyball has become the oldest person to go to space. 60 years ago, she was going to take part in a NASA mission, but this dream could not be realized.

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The youngest also in flight
Besides Bezos and Wally, Bezos’ brother Mark and Oliver Damon, 18, have also traveled to space. Oliver became the youngest to go to space. At the same time, upon returning from the trip, the team was also congratulated by British businessman Richard Branson. Just days ago, Branson became the first billionaire to go to space. However, his Virgin Galactic plane did not cross the Karman Line, which is considered the limit of space.

Wally Funk: Space Travel At 82, Jeff Bezos To Fulfill NASA’s Shattered Dream

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