Jeff Bezos goes to space with Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket knows how risky it is

Jeff Bezos, the world’s biggest billionaire and CEO of the Amazon company, goes on a trip to space to make his childhood dream come true. Bezos will embark on a space trip on July 20 aboard a rocket from his company “Blue Origin”. According to reports, Jeff Bezos will stay in space for a total of 11 minutes during this trip. Bezos, the richest man in the world, has a net worth of $ 190 billion. If he wants to, he can measure the whole world using his very fast private jet. Bezos has a luxury yacht, with the help of which he can cruise any sea in the world whenever he wants. Bezos can only buy an entire island for his family and friends and live a life full of luxury there. Despite all these possibilities, Jeff Bezos will take this big risk for only 11 minutes of walking. Bezos’ life can also be lost in this. Let’s understand what challenges Jeff Bezos will face in his space travel.

The journey is full of dangers, Kalpana Chawla had lost his life

Traveling in space has always been fraught with danger. Indian-born astronaut Kalpana Chawla died in a space flight accident. In the face of this danger, Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, has worked very hard on their new Shepherd rocket over the past decade. There have been many successful tests of this rocket. The rocket on which Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos are heading is completely autonomous. However, there is also a danger here. According to the report of the American television channel CNN, Bezos will make this space trip keeping his life in the palm. Often when we think of space travel, it occurs to us that astronauts circle the earth while floating in space. Jeff Bezos and the other passengers accompanying him will not. Bezos and the other passengers will go into space and then come back. They will only stay in space for about 11 minutes. According to CNN, Bezos’ flight will only reach an altitude of about 100 km from Earth. It is considered the beginning of outer space.

Bezos will go by rocket and with the help of a space capsule

There should be enough power inside a rocket to be transported into space so that it can fly it at a speed of at least 27,000 kilometers per hour. In fact, the force of Earth’s gravity can pull the spacecraft towards itself, so it is necessary to fly at very high speed. Bezos’ New Shepherd rocket is a suborbital flight and it will fly into space at three times the speed of sound. It will go straight into space until most of its fuel is used up. After that, the crew capsule will be separated from the rocket when the rocket reaches the highest altitude and will continue to roam the space for a while. During this, the crew will also experience a few minutes of weightlessness, due to the loss of Earth’s gravity at such a height. After that, the space capsule will take Bezos to Earth. After that, the New Shepherd rocket will open the parachute to reduce its speed. However, the rocket will take off separately and restart its engine. After that, with the help of his computer, he will land in the right place.

Know how dangerous Bezos’ space flight is

Bezos’ Blue Origin company New Shepherd capsule is fully automated and does not require a pilot. So far, in 15 test flights, there has never been an accident with this capsule. This means that the danger of Bezos’ space flight is low. However, that doesn’t mean Bezos’ flight is completely safe from danger. Due to suborbital flight, this rocket will not have to go through the complicated and high speed process of reentrying Earth orbit. This will reduce the risk. In fact, when the spacecraft returns to Earth orbit, its temperature reaches 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, astronauts sitting inside have to face tremendous pressure. Due to the high speed and high altitude, there is a lot of danger. Even a small mistake can be fatal. Bezos will reach an altitude of about 350,000 feet. Here the capsule he will take, he will not need to wear a spacesuit. Even if there is a lack of oxygen in the cabin, there will be oxygen masks so that he can breathe.

Bezos takes risks to make his childhood dream come true

Bezos’ new Shepherd rocket is designed in such a way that in an emergency the capsule will detach from the rocket halfway and passengers will be kept away from that rocket. In addition, the capsule has been designed in such a way that even if the parachute does not open, it will land safely on land. Even after so much security, experts say, this space trip by Bezos is not entirely free from danger. It can also be fatal. In 2014, a Virgin Galactic flight was shattered into several pieces. A pilot was killed in this accident. In fact, space travel is a childhood dream of Jeff Bezos. Bezos will depart for space on July 20 with his brother and other passengers. July 20 is the same day the US Apollo 11 mission set foot on the moon’s surface. Bezos wrote of his trip to space: “Looking at Earth from space changes you, it changes your relationship with this planet. I want to get on this flight because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do in my life. It’s a thrill. It is very important for me.

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