Jeff Bezos: Jeff Bezos flies to space with his brother Mark on July 20 Blue Origin New Shepard: Jeff Bezos travels to space with his brother on July 20

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world and CEO of Amazon, will visit space on July 20. He said in a social media post that he will travel to space on his Blue Origin space flight. If all goes well, Blue Origin’s first passenger flight will take off on July 20. Jeff Bezos’ brother Mark Bezos will also accompany him on this flight.

Bezos will travel to space with his brother
Bezos has already announced that he will be taking ordinary people to space through his space company. His company’s New Shepard Space Tourism Rocket spacecraft has been successfully tested 14 times. This Bezos spacecraft is also known as the NS-14. After the success of this flight, the company should make a lot of progress in the field of space tourism.

Dreaming about traveling to space since the age of five
Jeff Bezos, who announced his resignation as CEO of Amazon on July 5, said that when I was five, I dreamed of traveling to space. Now on July 20, I will end this trip with my brother. The most beautiful adventures with my best friend. After this announcement from Bezos, he also made a lot of talk about him on social networks.

Jeff Bezos’ goal is to install humans on Mars
Bezos’ plan is to put humans in the solar system, just like Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos revealed in 2018 that each person will have to pay two to three lakh dollars to travel to space. However, Bezos has yet to begin donating tickets for this space trip. However, Bezos’ company said its ultimate goal is to install humans on Mars.

After leaving Amazon, Bezos will give the space company more time
Until now, Bezos has only given one day a week to Blue Origin and after retiring from Amazon in the third half of 2021, he may be devoting more and more of his time to Blue Origin. So far, neither Bezos nor Blue Origin have confirmed this plan. Bezos at one point called his spaceflight company “the most important job.” To accomplish this task, Bezos has invested $ 1 billion every year in this ambitious project since 2016.

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