Jeff Bezos: Jeff Bezos: World’s second richest billionaire Jeff Bezos demands Rs 12 crore compensation from his girlfriend’s brother – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants $ 1.7 million in fees legal brother of his girlfriend Michael Sanchez

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Jeff Bezos demanded compensation of 12 million rupees from Michael Sanchez, the brother of his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, Michael Sanchez sued Jeff Bezos and his security adviser Gavin D. Baker, who said that Bezos and Gavin attempted to humiliate him by telling reporters in Washington.
Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon Company and the second richest billionaire in the world, demanded compensation of Rs 12 crore from his girlfriend, Michael Sanchez, brother of Lauren Sanchez. Michael sued Bezos and his security adviser Gavin D. Baker. He said Bezos and Gavin tried to humiliate reporters by telling them Michael was the source of the naked photo of the Amazon owner.

Michael lost the case against Bezos because the only source he had was that he had heard about it from reporters. Bezos said in a petition filed in Los Angeles court Friday that Michael cheated on his sister and Bezos by sharing personal information with the newspaper for $ 2 million. Not only that, Michael tried to torture them by filing a petition and threatening to make the private information public.
Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s brother leaked the case
‘Bezos has suffered a lot due to allegations’
Bezos currently has around $ 193 billion in assets. On the other hand, Michael’s attorney, Tom Warren, said Bezos’ fee request was disgusting and ridiculous on many levels. In a report published in January 2019, the National Inquirer caused a stir by revealing Bezos’ extra-marital (extramarital) relationship. Even the newspaper had made public the text message of the conversation between the two.

During his trial, Michael claimed that he suffered greatly from Bezos’ claims. He said there was an FBI raid on his house in front of neighbors. The lawsuit also says he was the “ brother and trusted manager ” of his sister Lauren Sanchez at the time things came to light. Lauren, however, described her brother’s lawsuit against Bezos as “ baseless and false. ”

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