Jeff Bezos News: Find out how the world’s richest man and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spends his wealth

Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Amazon company, who holds the title of the world’s richest billionaire with a net worth of around $ 190 billion, is now preparing for a spacewalk. Jeff Bezos will fly to space on July 20 in his company’s ‘Blue Origin’ New Shepherd spacecraft. Along with Jeff, his brother Mark Bezos also goes to space. July 20 is the same day the US Apollo 11 mission set foot on the moon’s surface. Bezos wrote of his trip to space: “Looking at Earth from space changes you, it changes your relationship with this planet. I want to get on this flight because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do in my life. It’s a thrill. It is very important for me. Jeff Bezos’ entire life has been full of adventure and he has now decided to measure the depths of space by stepping down as CEO of Amazon. Let us know where this first industrialist in the world is now plundering his treasury …..

4 America’s 20,000 acres of land, palaces worth billions

Jeff Bezos, who was to fly into infinite space, began his career in 1994 with an online bookstore. He set up this bookstore in his garage. This tree by Jeff Bezos has now grown into a giant tree like the Amazon, and its branches are spread all over the world. Jeff Bezos, owner of a property worth around 190 billion dollars, is now fulfilling his dream one by one after this record success. Billionaire Jeff Bezos has now reached number 28 in terms of land in America. He owns a total landholding of 420,000 acres. Most of this land is in Texas. Bezos has two huge palace-like houses near Seattle. Their price is around $ 63 million. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is its neighbor. In 2007, Bezos bought a palace in the Beverly Hills area of ​​America for $ 25 million. Later, they felt that this was not enough to meet their needs. He then bought another house nearby for $ 13 million. Recently, he bought the most expensive palace in the city of Los Angeles for 165 million dollars.

Jeff Bezos becomes Barack Obama’s neighbor Ivanka Trump

Jeff Bezos wants to get closer to American power in Washington. For this, he bought the Washington Textile Museum spread over an area of ​​27 thousand square feet for 23 million dollars. Bezos now plans to turn this museum into a huge house. In this, they will now have to spend $ 120 million. Another house was coming up in front of Jeff Bezos’ new house, which adorned it. The Amazon owner also bought this house for $ 5 million. Now, Jeff Bezos’ neighbor in this area has become former US President Barack Obama, Ivanka Trump, daughter of former US President Donald Trump. The cost of former President Obama’s house is said to be around $ 5.3 million. After his $ 38 billion divorce from his wife, Jeff Bezos bought three nearby apartments to make a great apartment. When he felt too small, he even bought a fourth apartment for $ 16 million. This 5,000-foot superflat has all the state-of-the-art facilities in the world. It has a total of 6 bedrooms.

Huge luxury yacht, the fastest plane

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is building a giant yacht to dominate the ocean waves. This yacht will be so huge that it can be seen even from space. Jeff Bezos is said to be building a 417-foot-long superyacht with the help of $ 500 million. It will also have another support yacht. It will also have a helipad. Jeff Bezos uses the Gulfstream G-650ER private jet, the world’s fastest aircraft, to save time. Its cost is around $ 65 million. In 2017, Jeff Bezos bought the food grocery chain for $ 13.7 billion. Bezos, who runs the world’s largest internet company, is now going on a trip to space. Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000.

A 500-foot clock will tell the time for 10 thousand years

In such a situation, people can only imagine how much free time they will have. Bezos didn’t stop at that, he’s now building a 500-foot-long clock in Texas that will run by wind and continue to run for the next 10,000 years. Jeff Bezos is the owner of the famous American newspaper Washington Post. Billionaire Jeff Bezos is also heavily involved in charity and has so far donated $ 10 billion to tackle the threat of climate change. He also donated $ 2 billion for the welfare of the homeless. Jeff Bezos had to pay $ 38 billion after separating from his wife. Even after that, he is still the richest person in the world.

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