Jeff Bezos’ oldest astronaut: the oldest and youngest astronauts with Jeff Bezos in space

When Jeff Bezos, the richest businessman in the world, travels through space aboard the New Shepard spacecraft built by his own company Blue Origin, he will not only fulfill his dream but also set two records simultaneously. He takes to space such people who have reached the stages of life, between which the mere difference in age will make this moment not only memorable but unparalleled. Let us know who these two are-

In 1961, the US space agency NASA prepared an astronaut program for which 13 women were selected and tested and also trained. Volley Funk was the youngest member of this Mercury 13 program. Funk’s dream was shattered at that point, but now, after 60 years, she will be the oldest person to achieve that success.

Funk was the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) first female inspector, the first female aviation safety investigator on the National Transportation Safety Board. She spent 19.6 thousand hours on the flight and taught over 3,000 people to fly.

At the same time, the fourth passenger who will return after hitting space with Bezos, his brother Mark and Funk is an 18-year-old student. Recently graduated, Olivier Damon’s father bought a second Blue Origin plane ticket, but luck was probably about to make history. The person who was supposed to make the first flight took his name out of it, and Oliver got the chance to have a memorable trip with the oldest astronaut and the richest man.

Oliver explains that he was born in space, the interesting British science fiction show ‘Thunderbirds’. Seeing rockets and space travel, like countless people around the world, his dream was to go to space one day. Oliver also recently obtained his private pilot license. He is now about to begin studies in physics and innovation management.

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