jellyfish galaxy abell 2877: jellyfish in space abell 2877 galaxy viral photo: viral photo of jellyfish in space galaxy

Researchers have seen jellyfish in space. Apparently it’s not real, but it’s made of plasma. It is a third of the moon seen from the earth. With the help of the Marchinson Widefield Array Telescope (MWA) in Western Australia, the Australia-Italy team observed the Abell 2877 Galaxy Cluster and after 12 hours showed them features such as Jellyfish. He created this structure using data. The question is, how did this shape come to be?

This space is made up of jets of jellyfish plasma that emanated from huge black holes two billion light years away. This plasma was fed and rekindled by the shock wave. Because of this, she looked like a jellyfish seen from the earth. Apart from that, this shape is also very special as it is brighter at common FM radio frequencies but it disappears at 200 MHz. This way, no additional galactic emissions were seen to disappear so quickly.

For this reason, this jellyfish can only be seen with low frequency radio telescopes as most radio telescopes are unable to record such sightings due to their design or location. This was seen from MWA and it is believed that the Square Kilometer Array Telescope (SKA) will be able to see such views with greater ease and detail. It will be more sensitive than MWA and its resolution will also be better.

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