Jewish Democrats call on Muslim Ilhan Omar for clarification on US Taliban Israeli Hamas

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Statement by Muslim US Congressman Ilhan Omar created a ruckus Ilhan compared America and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas It infuriated Jewish lawmakers and calls for clarification of the Washington statement
A statement by Muslim US Congressman Ilhan Omar created an uproar. Ilhan, a member of the House of Representatives, compared the United States and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas. This angered Jewish factions. Twelve of the 25 Jewish lawmakers in the House of Representatives said Ilhan’s declaration would protect terrorists. Jewish lawmakers asked Ilhan to explain his statement.

US lawmaker Brad Schneider said, “Comparing the US and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is outrageous and in the wrong direction. He said that equating a democracy ruled by law with a horrible group involved in terrorism shows a lot of prejudice. The statement added that the United States and Israel, like other democracies, may be flawed and deserve criticism, but a false comparison will harbor terrorists.

“There should be some kind of accountability and justice”
MP Brad said we urge Ilhan to clarify the comparison between America and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban. The statement comes at a time when Jewish Democratic leaders have held a meeting. Previously, Ilhan had tweeted and said: “There should be some kind of accountability and justice for victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unimaginable atrocities committed by the United States, Hamas, Israel, the Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Ilhan gave an appropriate response to the request of Jewish lawmakers in another tweet. He said he is shameful for those colleagues who are calling for my support and now issuing a statement asking for clarification. Ilhan said the Islamophobic language in statements by Jewish lawmakers is derogatory.

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