JF 17 vs Rafale Jet: Pakistan brings JF-17 fighter plane to its air force, know where it stays next to Rafael – JF 17 vs Rafale Pakistan Air Force inducts Chinese JF 17 Thunder will compete with India Rafael Jet

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The Pakistani Air Force inducted 14 JF-17 Thunder fighter jets on Wednesday. Pakistan built these new fighter jets in the country with help from China. Pakistan said the planes are equipped with advanced radar system and attack power from Islamabad.
14 JF-17 Thunder Block-3 fighter jets were introduced to the Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday. Pakistan built these new fighter jets in the country with help from China. Pakistan said the planes are equipped with advanced radar systems capable of long-range surveillance and air strikes. Pakistan Air Force chief Mujahid Anwar Khan claimed the planes had proven their ability in war by retaliating for violating Pakistani airspace of the Indian Air Force.

On this occasion, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong said that Pakistan now has the capacity to build this aircraft. The Chinese ambassador said: “Pakistan has now acquired the capacity to manufacture JF-17 Thunder planes and has now joined the countries of the world to manufacture modern fighter jets.” He said that JF-17 eventually became the backbone of Pakistan Defense. Let us know that Pakistan included Chinese planes in its air force at a time when India deployed Rafale planes from France to the Ambala air base very close to the border of Pakistan and China. Let’s know which fighter plane will be heavy in Rafael’s battle against JF-17.

Experience the power of the Pakistani-Chinese JF-17 fighter
Pakistan and China developed the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet. It is a multi-roll aircraft that can strike air-to-air and air-to-ground. China added some novelties to it, after which its capacity increased. PF-15 missiles are used there, which also has an infrared system. The missile has a range of 300 km and is one of the most advanced missiles. The United States also protested when PF-15 missiles were added to it. The range of the missiles used in Rafale is less than this. The very light, single-engine, multi-roller JF-17 fighter was designed with the Pakistan Air Force in mind.

The aircraft was included as a replacement for older Pakistani aircraft such as A-5C, F-7P / PG, Mirage 3 and Mirage-5. The JF-17 aircraft is being built by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in collaboration with the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of China. Currently, Pakistan has more than 100 JF-17 fighters. The maximum speed of the JF-17 aircraft is 1975 km / h, while the maximum speed of the Rafale jets is 2130 km / h. Not only that, Rafale can carry more weapons and fuel than the JF-17. Even in long-range attack, the JF-17 is nowhere to stand in front of the Rafale jet. Rafael can reach up to 3,700 km, while JF-17 planes can only attack up to 2,037 km.

Rafael fighter plane is equipped with deadly missiles and bombs
Rafael has been modified to meet the needs of India. The Rafale has a range of 3,700 km, it can carry four missiles with it. Rafale has a length of 15.30 meters and a height of 5.30 meters. The Rafale’s wingspan is only 10.90 meters, making it ideal for flying in hilly areas. Being small, the plane is easy to maneuver. In India, Rafael Beyond is equipped with missiles within visual range. In other words, without seeing the target aircraft, it can be blown away. Rafale has an active Sikar radar which allows the jet to operate in all weathers. Missiles like the Scalp Missile or Strom Shadow can easily destroy any bunker. Its range is approximately 560 km. Rafael is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Rafale fighter capacity
1- The Rafale is a combat aircraft that can be sent on at least 7 types of missions.
2- It can reach a height of 60,000 feet in one minute. Its fuel capacity is 17 thousand kg.
3- Since Rafael Jet is able to multitask in all types of climates, it is also known as the Multirol fighter plane.
4- It has a scalp missile capable of reaching 600 km from the air to the ground.
The 5-Rafale has a range of 3,700 km, while the Scalp cruise missile has a range of 300 km.
6- Fuel capacity of the aircraft – 17,000 kg.
7- It is also in the lead in anti-ship attack, nuclear attack, close air support and direct long range laser missile attack.
8- It is capable of supporting a weight of up to 24,500 kg and can perform an additional 60 hour flight.
9- Its speed is 2223 kilometers per hour.
10- Rafale planes equipped with Meteor missiles can kill F-16s at a distance of 120 km.

17 JF-17 jets inducted into the Pakistani Air Force

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