Jill Biden White House Renovation: Rs 9 Crore Toilet Built in White House for Hot Politics Joe Biden’s Wife – Joe Biden News White House Spends $ 1 Million to Renovate New First Lady Jill Biden’s Toilet

A toilet worth $ 1.2 million, or around Rs 9 crore, was built at the President’s office in the White House for Jill Biden, wife of newly elected US President Joe Biden . They are built in the East Wing of the White House. Meanwhile, politics got hot in America after spending so much money just on the toilet. Trump supporters have called it a waste of taxpayer money.

According to the TMZ report, federal documents revealed that renovations to these toilets are underway near the First Lady’s offices. No details were given on the construction work for these toilets, but it was indicated that the project will be completed by mid-May. Previously, a lakh of $ 27,000 had been given to “ clean up ” the White House before Biden arrived.

Jill Biden will do this job for the first time in 231 years
Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20 after beating Donald Trump. On the other hand, Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden (69) will also make a record as first lady. A teacher by profession, Jill Biden has four degrees and will continue to teach away from home, fulfilling her responsibilities as First Lady in the White House. Jill Biden will be the first woman in 231 years of U.S. history to earn a salary working outside the White House.

Jill Biden is a full-time English teacher at Northern Virginia Community College. Earlier, in a conversation with US broadcaster CBS in August, Dr Jill Biden said she would continue her job even if she became the ‘first lady’. Previously, Jill Biden was a community college teacher while Biden was vice president. He is committed to being a teacher for a lifetime. He always stressed the importance of education. He said in one program: “I have taught many migrants and refugees. I love their stories.

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