Jo Biden’s victories will improve India-America relations

Author: Vedapratap Vedic
In the election of the American president, the Indian government did not favor any candidate and maintained its neutrality. It was a very wise decision. President Donald Trump’s Defense and Foreign Ministers also visited India during this election campaign and signed an important strategic agreement, but none of the Indian leaders said anything during which the India was seen leaning to one side. The lashes that Narendra Modi set for Donald Trump in Houston and Ahmedabad have now become a matter of history. Joseph Biden of the Democratic Party won the presidential election. Now all Indians are anxious to know what will be Biden’s attitude towards India. Will Modi and Trump’s personal equations have the opposite effect on Biden?

National interest is paramount
In international relations, the personal equations of the leaders have an influence but for them the national interests are paramount. Have we forgotten that Modi called President Barack Obama “ Barak, Barak ” and that when Trump sat in his chair he formed a relationship with him as a sukha or guru-disciple. Modi is unmatched in the art of building personal intimacy with foreign leaders. No wonder they form an even better relationship with Biden. Biden is more cultured, restrained and experienced than Trump. He traveled to India as Obama’s vice president. He also knew a wealthy family from Mumbai. Our Foreign Minister, Mr. Jaishankar, knew Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris as ambassadors to America.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: New Age Begins in America (AFP)

The biggest difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump was new to foreign policy, while Biden has been a U.S. senator or vice president for the past 50 years. He was also chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. They will not be Masha in the moment and Tola in the moment as an asset in foreign affairs. Whatever action they take, they will take it with thought. This is why it is hoped that Indo-American relations will be deepened in the Biden administration. Two other reasons will also help to increase this intensity. The first is that Kamala Harris will be its vice president. Kamala is of Indian descent. Her mother was Indian and her father was of black African descent. Kamala Harris was also instrumental in securing the votes of these two communities for Biden.

Second, Kamala’s husband is Jewish and she has also been a high profile lawyer and senator. That’s why his involvement in shaping the policies of the Biden administration will be more than any other vice president. By the way, she is America’s first black woman and vice president. She is also considered a future presidential candidate. It is normal that the attitude of the Democratic Party has not been favorable to India on all issues over the past four years. Biden and Kamala have also opposed India’s policies on some issues. For example, on the Kashmir issue, they believe that the Modi government does not adequately protect human rights there. He also opposed the removal of Article 370. Religious discrimination in the citizenship modification law was also opposed by the Democratic Party. He was also very upset that our Foreign Minister Jaishankar refused to meet with the US delegation in Washington, of which Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jaipal was a member.

Based on some of these questions, it is said that there may be tension in both governments, but my question is why we didn’t think the Trump administration was clearly supporting us on all these issues, so Trump It is natural that the anti-democratic parties oppose us. If the Democrats are in power, their reaction is likely to be balanced. In any case, I think that no country has the right to put a leg in the internal affairs of India. How can we forget that during the Obama administration, Biden played an important role in bringing about the Paris climate agreement and actively supporting India. The $ 100 billion spent by this deal to make the world’s environment pollution-free would have helped India a lot, but Trump cheated and canceled it. Now Biden will resurrect him and he will gain the active support of India.

The Biden administration would also relax Trump’s ban on Indian work visas to impress unemployed American voters, and perhaps could take back concessions India had already secured in business. The new US administration’s tension with China will also remain, but it looks like it won’t budge like the Trump administration. He would like India to support him in the case of China, but he will not try to make India his pawn.

Pakistan softening
Like Trump, the Biden administration will also be keen to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan and will seek India’s active cooperation in this task. He will be forced to remain gentle on Pakistan but will firmly oppose terrorism. On the Iran issue, he will lead Trump’s policy, as Obama played an important role in securing the Iran nuclear deal. It will be good for India. India will also benefit from a change of political trump card regarding the World Health Organization. It seems that under the Biden-Kamala administration, relations between India and the United States will reach such a point that the title of “natural friend” will be truly recognized.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the author

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