Job and training opportunity with the Seresco Labor Management Campus

After having to postpone the development of the fifth edition due to the pandemic situation, SERESCO opens the registration period for the Campus of Labor Management focused on the use of Seresco’s own tool MILENA, which will be taught from March 2021. Registrants will take the entrance test in February.

The campus is an initiative of the Payroll and Human Resources area to train the best labor managers and offer them the opportunity to stay and work in the company, which currently leads the human resources outsourcing sector in Spain and in Portugal with more than 2.5 million payslips processed per year. In previous promotions on this campus, hiring was around 60%.

The course has 12 places available, but the number could be reduced to 7 due to the pandemic situation. The total duration is 360 hours and offers rental possibilities according to the needs of the moment. These contracts will be executed for a minimum period of 6 months.

The training consists of a theoretical part (80 hours) which will take place during the first month of the call from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Oviedo.

To access the practical part, you will have to pass a final exam on the content of the theoretical part. Only those who pass the test will be eligible for the internship.

The practical part (280 hours) will take place in the next two months during working hours at Seresco’s headquarters, Calle Santa Susana de Oviedo.

If at the end of the course the student has 90% attendance (theory and practice) and passes the evaluation test, he can be hired by Seresco.

Anyone wishing to register can do so through the campus website:

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