Joe Biden, 78-year-old US president, saw the world change, find out how – Joe Biden, US president, 78, saw the world change, find out how

You must have often heard older elders say that we did not make that hair white in the sun … This saying is often used to describe the experience and it suits the newly elected 46th US President Joe Biden who J have seen America change before my eyes. Biden was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

He was 78 years, two months and one day old when he was sworn in on Wednesday. This is 78 days older than the age at which President Ronald Reagan left the chair in 1989. Let’s see how this country has changed during Biden’s life as America’s leader, and how much that change can be reflected during his presidency. The larger the population, the greater the diversity, the US population is now approaching 33 crores, or 13.5 crores at the time of Biden’s birth.

When Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972, the current population grew by almost 60%. The world’s population grew from 2.3 billion to 7.8 billion during Biden’s lifetime. The diversity in Biden’s America is more shocking. According to the first census in 1950 after Biden’s birth, 89% of the country’s whites were white.

In 2020, 60% of non-Latin American whites were in the country and 76% were white, including whites from Latin America. In such a situation, it is no surprise that Biden, who first became a member of the near-white supremacist Senate at the age of 30, did racial justice to his first speech after 48 years of swearing in. as president. Promised and issued several executive decrees that were in the interests of immigrants.

Biden specifically mentioned Kamala Harris as vice president, who was the first woman elected to a national office, as well as the first black woman to reach that position and a woman of South Asian descent. He said to Harris, “Don’t tell me now that things can’t change.”

When Biden first became a senator, Kamala was a mostly isolated student at Oakland Public Elementary School. When Biden was addressing a joint session of Parliament, there were two women behind the president and that was also the first case in itself. Harris and President Nancy Pelosi were both women. However, it takes time for change to happen.

Harris was only the second black woman to enter the Senate. When she resigned from the Senate on Monday, there were no black women left. There are only three black men in the 100 Senate seats. Black Americans make up about 13% of the American population. Money speaks: in America, the minimum wage in 1942 was 30 cents an hour. There is a 100 cent dollar just like there is a 100 cent rupee in our country.

According to the 1940 census before Biden was born, the average income for men was $ 956, while for women earning a dollar, women had an income of 62 cents. Today, the minimum wage in the United States is $ 7.25 an hour. The average annual income of a full-time employee is US $ 51,100 according to the most recent weekly salary data from the federal government. When it comes to purchasing power, these figures are also interesting.

In the month of Biden’s birth, a dozen eggs were found on average in U.S. cities for around 60 cents – the equivalent of a two-hour minimum wage. A packet of bread then came for 9 cents, or about 20 minutes of work. To date, that works out to about a dollar and a half (12 minutes of minimum wage work) or an average of two dollars (about 16 minutes of work) for a packet of bread. It is also interesting to see the expenditure figures for higher education.

At the time of Biden’s birth (in the 1940s), Harvard Business School’s annual fees were around $ 600, or about two-thirds of the average income of an American worker. Today, the annual tuition fee for a Harvard MBA is $ 73,000, or the equivalent of one year and about five months’ salary (without tax), based on the average salary of Americans. Biden has proposed raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, although Republicans are against it.

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