Joe Biden America: China warns India under pretext of Donald Trump administration, Dragon shoots in Global Times editorial – Global Times blames Donald Trump and India for policies against him

Joe Biden has been determined to become president in the United States and in China there is an outcry. Meanwhile, the Chinese propaganda newspaper Global Times has expressed hope, based on Biden’s previous statements, that the United States may change its policy towards China. However, the newspaper editorial also states that this does not mean that there will be hope of ending the tension between the two. At the same time, Global Times tried to warn India on the pretext of America.

China separated from America
The editorial said China needs to understand the consequences of the diplomatic battle with the Trump administration in recent years and change its thinking and diplomacy. The editorial alleged that the policy of the Trump administration was to exclude China from the international political and economic system led by the United States.

The United States believed China was expanding and growing. Therefore, it pits other countries against China. Politically, China has been described as a global threat and economically isolated from its international industrial chain. Likewise, technical and cultural charges have also been brought against China.

‘America is watching India’
The editorial claimed that China had given an appropriate response to these efforts and had saved the bilateral relationship from rupture. With the stabilization of US-China relations, relations with neighboring countries can also be stabilized. With the help of such a foreign policy, China has maintained stability for a long time, but due to the Trump administration, China has been targeted. The editorial alleged that the United States acted to spark issues related to China such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. He says China, Australia, India and Japan have also done the same.

‘India has strived for a strong response’
Not only that, he warns that America is strong, but if Australia or India tries to play an anti-China game like America, China will respond without hesitation. He says India and Australia took such steps even before the impact of the United States. The editorial states that it is not in the interests of these countries to take an anti-Chinese stance as they have less power than China and therefore should not hide behind the United States.

Dragon raging over India
Countries neighboring China have fostered Sino-US tensions. After the Corona outbreak, India’s internal strategists suggested that India should take advantage of the Sino-US tension. India proposed a quadrennial ministerial meeting and launched an India-Japan-Australia supply chain in the Indo-Pacific region.

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